Saturday, March 24, 2012

I Loved My Raggedy Ann...

I'm Late, I'm Late, for a very important date!! I've only just finished my Inspiration Avenue Challenge posted by Hettienne and it's like midnight!! I'm gonna get it in just under the line.  

The Challenge this week was "Dolls". This immediately stumped me. I'm NOT a doll kinda girl. I don't do collage or make three dimensional things. I couldn't see myself drawing Betsy Wetsy or another similar winky eyed, fat fingered dolly. As I said, not my thing. But then someone posted their submission and it was a stuffed animal. I thought... "stuffed animals are in the doll category?", "Cool!". 

I then started thinking of my favorite stuffed animal, my Honey Bunny. By the time she was retired she'd been stuffed in a microwave, washed a gazillion times, loved and hugged until parts started falling off and dragged around by the ear for years, still being a loving bunny to me all that time. I Googled grubby, floppy bunnies (because a mover lost my treasured friend in one of many moves we did over the years)... but I couldn't come up with anything even close.

Then I thought... "what doll DID I like, since I really wasn't the traditional doll kinda girl?" Then I remembered that my very talented mom made me a very large Raggedy Ann doll. She was as tall as I was at the age of 3 or 4. I LOVED her big time! I remember studying her reverently because MY MOMMY MADE HER FOR ME. I was totally impressed with her perfection, her striped legs, her hair, her perfect face, her wonderful puffy sleeved gingham dress. Yup, true love. 

I looked up Raggedy Ann photos and found just the right, kinda floppy, picture. I had such fun sketching her. I used the lightest pencil I have, an F, then I used my new Prismacolor Sepia and started fleshing out the details. I then added Graphitint Russet as a slightly darker color but not as creamy and a little bit harder. It really allowed me to get the shading right. I inked the main lines with the Pitt Sepia pens I just bought and all the products worked perfectly together. I had to be careful as I'm left handed and the Prismacolor pencil crayon will REALLY smudge. This is a good thing, as long as one works from top down so one's hand doesn't smudge the previous work!! Here she is...
(Go ahead and click on her, make her bigger!)

Title: "I  Raggedy Ann"
Artist: Jennifer McLean
I keep being kind of shocked by my new drawing abilities. I absolutely love how she came out, especially since when I'd just sketched her I thought, "Meh, it's ok." Working in sepia was even better than I expected, if anyone was wondering. Since Mom keeps bugging me to draw the little bridge outside the apartment, I guess that's gonna be my next project. Maybe I'll use sepia there too.

Since I'm so damn late for Hettienne's party this post will only be headlined for a little over half a day, at most. Remember, tomorrow is the second Artist's Play Room Challenge! I received many wonderful entries to APR's first week and I'm so thrilled and grateful that my friends all came to play. Thanks everyone! 

I'll see you all after I go make like Rip Van Winkle for a little while, make it 9 hours from now, lol. Then I'll check for last minute submissions before I post the next challenge. Cool.

I'm out, (yawn...)
Hope you all sleep well!


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  1. she's a beauty thats for sure, so much detail.

  2. That definitely is a great piece. You really captured her. Have a grat weekend.

  3. wow that's an amazing drawing!

  4. A giant Raggedy Ann made by your Mom--truly the best doll ever! I may have stretched the challenge a bit by adding the Teddy, but I always was a rule breaker! Beautiful drawing!

  5. Oh wow Jennifer! So goooood :))


  6. Great doll, my mom made the doll i sketched too!

  7. I am always impressed with your adorable submissions, and this doll is quite cute. As I mentioned on my blog, I am not a doll gal, so this was a real treat. I never had a Raggedy Ann, but you did a great job painting this one. How AWESOME.

  8. I love working in sepia too and don't you just love how the more you draw the more your skills just improve exponentially.... it is like magic isn't it... you have really achieved some wonderful tonal and line work in this... love it...xx

  9. Lovely and charming. I can see it hanging in a girl's room!!!

  10. Jenn,
    You know I am a fan. I am always blown away by your drawings, talented girl!! This is picture perfect!


  11. There goes a part of my childhood sitting right there on that sepia sketched art piece. Love it, Jen! You do have quite the drawing abilities.


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