Monday, March 5, 2012

Hosting My First Challenge At I.A.

As I've mentioned previously, I'm a new member of Inspiration Avenue, a small but international conglomerate of artists who support one another's work. I love this group of women, Maggie, Lisa WHettienne, Shelly, Dianne, Kim & Lisa D , they're all creative and endlessly friendly. I'm enjoying being a member even more than I thought possible, having other artists to talk to has really helped focus my artistic journey.

This week is my first I.A. challenge and I decided the theme would be "You've Got Mail!". I have always loved the touchability of a letter, the feel of the paper, the decoration of the stamp and the unique cursive of each sender's handwriting. I'm not surprised at my love of snail mail as I'm sure it blooms from my adoration of pen & ink and paper products. I used to have a huge collection of papers, postcards, note cards, pens, stickers, embellishments and other ephemera, all meant to make the letters I send out an experience for the reader. Unfortunately, today so few people send actual letters anymore. In fact there are places on the web one can join just to exchange mail with other members. It's nice to see there are others with my little addiction. Here's one such place, SwapBot, I haven't participated in over a year as mailing packages in Canada has become prohibitively expensive. But when I'm not such a starving artist I will once again join in on the fun of sending and receiving lovely snail mail. Until then I'll make mail art!

Here's my drawing for my "You've Got Mail! challenge. It was such fun to flesh out the drawing and embellish is with little extras. I used Sakura Pigma Micron pens to ink the design then I added color using watercolor pencils but I didn't add water because I loved the way the color laid down on the cold pressed Arches watercolor paper. The paper has a tooth because of the cold pressing and I love that about it.

(Please Click To Enlarge Picture)
Title: "You've Got Mail"
Speaking of mail, I ordered some address labels from an Etsy Shop named Designs By Thoughts  owned by a lovely woman (Tiffany) and her mother (Yolanda). They make beautifully dye cut sticky labels (among other things) any way you want them. They are endlessly helpful and really want to put out the best product possible to make their customers happy. I heartily recommend their products, I'll be returning soon to purchase other labels and ephemera from them. Here's a picture of the labels I had made, aren't they purty?!

Labels by Designs By ThoughtThanks Tiffany & Yolanda!
I'll be back soon with new art and the beginning of my series featuring Extraordinary Artists. Until then, have a happy rest of the week and feel free to make your own piece of Mail art and join us at Inspiration Avenue for the Mail party! I'd love to see what you all make. Find suggestions for making mail art and challenge rules (in the sidebar) at IA.

I'm out, talk to y'all later!

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  1. Jen- I LOVE LOVE LOVE the mail piece- I'm such a nerd at heart, lol.
    I also collect note cards, stationary, envelopes, etc.
    Just another thing we have in common:)

    I signed up to linky follow- another blogger friend of mine clued me into it. I primarily use networked Blogs, but we'll see how this does.
    Take care-

  2. I love the mail piece!

    new LF follower here! Hope you can hop on over to my blog and say hello, maybe follow back and I have a blog hop I'm hosting you hop on into!

  3. I love mail! I have this series of 3 books (Griffin & Sabine: An Extraordinary Correspondence) of a correspondence between 2 strangers through art, postcards and letters. The cool cool cool thing of these books is that each letter is actually THERE in an envelope, and the postcards are printed on the page, the art on the first side, then the written part. Every time I pulled out a letter, I carefully read it and re-folded exactly as it was so the "owner" of the letter wouldn't know I'd read it. (I know, I'm sick in la cabeza) it felt like I was snooping in my mothers drawers when I was a kid.

    The mail theme of your art reminded me of those books. Such cool stories!!!

  4. Hi there Jenn! Another fabulous post!

    And wow what a BEAUTIFUL piece of art!! I simply LOVE it!!

    About 16-17 yrs ago I used to have 31 International penpals & it was so enjoyable; alas the expense started to add up & i slowly and quite reluctantly i discontinued it. Like you, when things improve financially I'd like to start up again.
    Oh, i really like your new labels too, i'll be looking up Designs by Thought!
    talk to you later dear friend! hugs!:)

  5. Oh wow...I love your mail drawing. So beautiful! Like Nikki above, I too know the story of Griffin and Sabine (beautiful books) and this does remind me of them too.

    Thanks for sharing, and THANKS for mentioning my shop. Can't wait to work with you again and I am keeping your art in my "favorites". I have to just dive in and buy one one day!!!


  6. Jenn,
    Great theme this week.I put my stamp on that!! (couldn't resist). To receive any kind of handwritten letter in the mail is such a treasure, especially these days. I love everything about your mail art, you are such a talented funny girl! That was pretty clever to incorporate your name into your piece and make it personal. You are just a little jewel and I love how you sparkle*


  7. Hi Jenn! This was a wonderful, fun challenge! I like your beautiful drawing, and I, like you, also like feeling a letter in my hand. For years I collected stamps for their beauty, and many years ago I belonged to an organization called International Pen Friends. I made several wonderful friends all over the world with whom I corresponded for many years.

  8. It's actually hard for me to believe the above was painted, must less painted using pen and pencil (sans water). It looks like a photo to me! You have a real talent, a genuine gift. You are super talented and so attentive to every detail.

    As for the labels? I think they are super colorful and genuinely precious. Congrats on a very successful first challenge.

    BTW, is Stephanie no longer a part of the IA Etsy team?

  9. Great piece... I love those Micron pens and use them every single drawing... would be lost without them... just beautiful rendering skills and I love the detail... way cool to quote my almost 16 year old...have a great week..xx

  10. Great theme this week at IA!
    Your piece is so lovely and pretty and rendered with awesome skill! Real letters are wonderful, rare things! <3

  11. Jenn, you are so talented! I love the detail in your work, and the soft colors of this one. That pen is awesome! And I love the personalized bits in your correspondence :)

  12. I remember the Griffin & Sabine series - I enjoyed those and as I remember, the letters were a visual treat. I love your drawing Jenn.....wish I could draw like that! Beautifully done.

  13. Hi Jenn,
    I am so glad I clicked on your piece as you suggested. I am in awe of people with your drawing ability. Your image is very nicely done and has so many small details. Each one is like a little treat!

  14. Hi Jenn, Your drawing is so nice. I'm a beginner in watercolor and love the medium. Thank you so much for your comment on my blog. Thanks again for letting me know of this issue with the blogger. I'm technically very bad at these things. Can you suggest anyway with which I can resolve this issue.

  15. Your drawing is fabulous Jenn - you're very talented! I loved this theme thank you for setting it. You also voiced just what I've been trying to put into words - a letter is special because it has "touchability"!

  16. Love your entry. I didn't get a chance to participate this week. Great theme. You win in my book!

  17. Yes yes yes, the tooth of Arches Cold-Press is amazing! Beautiful drawing, and love how you can see the tooth of the paper so clearly. Great work!

  18. Jennifer that drawing is beautiful!


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