Saturday, March 24, 2012

Artist's Play Room #2

I can't believe that we got through our first week! The very first showcase for my
Artist's PLAY ROOM! 
Before I get to this week's new optional challenge, let me show you some of my favorite amazing submissions from last week's APR. The challenge was...
"Make Me Something Green & Wish Me The Luck O' The Irish!"

Firstly, here's my submission to my own Challenge (I guess I should do them, huh?). I decided to do an eaten apple, just for the heck of it. What's kinda funny is that many commented said I probably found the apple delicious. Ummm... I'm allergic to apples! So, nope, I wasn't the voracious consumer of this lovely green granny smith apple.

Title: "An Apple A Day..."
Artist: Jennifer McLean

Title: "Peas In A Pod"
Artist: Stephen Hayes
My Comment
I laughed out loud when I saw this
wonderful submission. Each pea has
such personality!

Artist: Yvonne K
My Comments
Vonny's artwork is always breathtaking and you
all know, don't you, that I'm in LOVE with foliage
so it's not surprising that this piece really
dings my bell.

Artist: Tracey Fletcher King
My Comments
OMG, I already berated Tracey for drawing
these delicious little chocolate torture
devices. I didn't know they existed, now I
do and they don't come in Canada. Grrrr!
Please Mr.Easter Bunny, bring me minty eggs!

Artist: Minnemie
My Comments
This submission is spectacular, a macro
painting of peas. they look so round, love it!

Artist: Rae Ann Hoehn
My Comments
Oh my! This is truly lovely. As I commented to
Rae, trees are in my wheelhouse, I love them
to bits! I'm a BC tree hugger and actually take
that as a compliment and DO it. I've been known
to hug many a tree in my lifetime. I always
feel like the little boy in this picture when
I stand in the presence of an old growth tree.
I'm so lucky to live in BC.

I'm thrilled to be announcing my second challenge for my Art centered blog hop. If you haven't done so, you might want to go read the rules & guidelines for A.P.R. The challenge every week is optional, it's meant to help you in your creative journey. If you're feeling stuck or you just can't think what to create, use my challenge theme as a jumping off place.

Creative Doodling
by Stephanie Corfee
This, the second week of A.P.R., I've been learning to doodle in more creative and expansive ways. I ordered a book called "Creative Doodling & Beyond" by Stephanie Corfee. I have been privileged to get to know Stephanie and her artwork. Now that I have her book ($13.50 at I'm finding myself totally engrossed in creating new and different creative doodles. (Her book can be purchased by clicking through from this site, see my sidebar for my Amazon Affiliates Program.)

I have done many a Zentangle in my day but I wanted to expand my doodling horizons and move away from the structure of Zentangles and toward more free form creating. Let me show you what I mean by exhibiting a couple of Stephanie's paintings...

So I have the idea of doodling in my head but what to DO with the doodles... what should the THEME be? At first I thought I'd just say "do a doodle" but that doesn't so much help with giving structure to someone who's stuck in a rut. I let the doodling theme marinate a little in the back of my mind for a few days. Then, I was talking to a friend, Diane, and she suggested doodling/decorating your initial! Brilliant idea! So, here's our official FIRST THEME for The Artist's Play Room, Saturday March 17,2012...

Doodle/Embellish/Decorate your initial/name/favorite word. I think this gives a good, specific jumping off point but also wide enough idea to allow for creativity. Now remember, you can do ANY kind of art, from oils to crochet, from watercolors to collage. Be creative, be bold and then enter your submission in the linky below.

Just to help you along on your doodling journey, here are a few examples!

Artist: Karen Anne Brady
Etsy: IrelandBrady
Artist: Jane Percell
Etsy: UnderTheNumNumTree
Computer Rendered
Artist Unknown
Artist: Laurel Smith
Etsy Shop: PinkSwirl
Artist: Megan Wells
Etsy Shop: Makewells
Artist: Cheri Johnson
Etsy Shop: Alterediris
There are my examples, have at it my bloggy friends! I can't wait to see your lovely, wonderful, spectacular, terrific work! Thanks in advance to all who participate. Remember, you don't have to be great, just create. :o)

I'll be back soon probably with blog tips or cool tools or maybe even my new series "Featured Artist"... We'll see, I'll have to choose which it next. Maybe it'll even be art!

I'm off to rustle up some hazelnut coffee,
I can almost taste it now...
Later, K? Yes!

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  1. colour me confused.....LOL
    It appears that the second challenge is to doodle your initial.....but the date says March 17th, so I'm not sure if I have happened upon an earlier post.....


  2. Hey Jenn, thanks for the invite, but I do NOT doodle, zentangle, or in any way pick up a pen and make cute marks. I have arthritis I was born with, and that prohibits me from drawing, or even holding a pen in my hand for longer than a heartbeat. I tried one zentangle years ago, and I spent over a week getting my hand straightened out. It's an art form I HATE.

    I admire what others make, but you won't ever catch me with an ink pen in my hand. That's another reason I don't journal. So, I will enjoy from afar. Of course, I am delighted to appreciate anything you will doodle.

  3. I doodle constantly! I will have to join in on this one. All of those artworks are fantastic! :) I also love your catchphrase, you don't have to be great, just create!

  4. Hey Jenn...I love your challenge and might - maybe - find time to play along - but getting ready for a month long trip may have to wait til May for me to join in! The peas in the pod above are marvelous!

  5. I apologize for not reading completely before adding my art here. I see now you are looking for doodled letters (initals) may remove my piece and I'll start over. :-) OOPS!!!!

    1. I have one that is mostly green that might fit in the top group of GREEN paintings! Let me know...

  6. I've been a big fan and follower forever and want to share the love. TAG, you're it. See my blog for details, but no pressure. If you don't wanna play, don't have time, don't like these games, whatever - I'm totally ok with that. I'll still continue visiting your blog. :-)

  7. I've learnt two things from your site already. One, what a Zentangle is and I am hooked, although it is killing my eyes and two, what a tag is. Well actually I had to ask Tracey Fletcher King what it was, but I have learnt it through your both sites. I will give the tag thing a go, if I can get it to work, that is.

    Thanks for putting my pic up there, I feel very special.

    Will be uploading my doodle name soon.
    Von. :)

  8. i just finished my entry, but alas will have to wait for tomorrow morning before i can show you.... need the sunlight for the photo
    see ya tomorrow Jenn!! :)

  9. I'm back and ended up doing 3 for this challenge! i was surprised how really "challenging" it was for me and i'm so glad i got to participate in it!
    Talk with you soon Jenn!
    Hugs!! :)

  10. Hi Jenn, I just linked mine up and took the embellish/decorate part literally since that is what I enjoy! Thanks for inviting me; this is going to be a lot of fun!

  11. I did a little doodling today at lunch! :)
    I am not a thinking doodler. To doodle and think was harder than I thought! I know, that sounds kind of "blonde" doesn't it?


  12. Thanks for doing this challenge! I'm on a tangling kick so it was right up my alley. ;)

  13. OK, where have I been? I have never heard of tangles until this week, and then suddenly it popped up EVERYWHERE - including in APR! I am glad to be "informed" now, though:-) I am the world's worst doodler and appreciate the ideas supplied by the tangle patterns. So I used only M-patterns (Munchin, MEO, MOOKA,MIST, Moonrocks and Mumsy since my names are literally tangles of M's: Minnemie Murphy. How's that for alliteration... and a tongue twister!?

  14. I am having a difficult time adding my DODDLE to the link! So, when you go to my blog you will need to scroll down to the bottom of today's post (March 30) to see it! I know you said to do initials, but for some reason my brain heard or thought numbers so the story of my doodle is there on my blog. I call my zentangles Lyntangles and have for some time! In case my blog does not show on the link it is here:! Thanks for visiting!

  15. thank you for your help in getting my icon up!!!! Now if I only had a LESSON in how to do this. Hugs, Lynn

  16. This was the best challenge I've ever is also the first, but I just loved it....Thank you so much


  17. This comment has been removed by the author.


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