Monday, February 13, 2012

The Versatile Blogger Award!

Thanks to Kat of
Kat's Daily Inspiration
Well color me happy! I received a comment on my blog yesterday informing me that I was being blessed with an award. Thank You so much Kat from Kat's Daily Inspiration. I actually really needed to hear I was doing "GOOD". I must admit I've been a little disappointed in my New Linky Follower Tool filling up. With such a large Follower LOVE Giveaway going on until tomorrow I assumed more people would show up and sign up. So it really boosted my ego to receive this award. 

Now I get to do two things...
  1. Tell you 7 things about myself that you may not know.
  2. Give this award to 7 of my favorite deserving blogs!
7 Things You DON'T Know About Me: 
(but do now that you've read this list!)
  1. I changed my name in my last year of University so my diploma would read "Jennifer Lynn McLean", my chosen name, not my father's :o)
  2. I'm allergic to avocados. This is new information for me too! I just found this out 3 days ago when I had an avocado for the first time in years.
  3. I took a total of 7 years of music lessons, 4 on piano, 1 with the recorder and 2 with the ukulele and I still can't read music.
  4. I've lived in a total of 25 houses in my lifetime, that's approx. a new house every  1 3/4 years! (and several houses I lived in for more than 5 years!)(Needless to say I'm a REALLY good packer, lol.)
  5. I am secretly an acquisitive person (Characterized by a strong desire to gain and possess stuff) so I'm really careful not to collect or covet anything. I'd be a hoarder if I let myself, lol.
  6. My grand mother was the world's oldest female bungie jumper in the early ninties. She was contacted by the Maury Povich show to be a guest.
  7. If I purchase a non-fiction book to read and someone else reads it first, I'll never read it myself. I think that my interest is piqued at the moment and after you read it (and mention some of the interesting bits), I'm not enough interested to discover the book myself. I have so many books I want to read that I just move on and reading that book goes down the list and I never get back to it. It's happened time and time again.
  8. BONUS thing about me... I just found out last month that I'm actually Irish, NOT Scottish! Holy Cow, my bungie jumping grand mother just rolled over in her grave! Damn that, lol. But on the bright side, now I know why my favorite color is green!
Tada! Seven wierd & wonderful things about me you never knew. (and probably didn't want to know anyway! Hehehe.)

Here's my list of Wonderful & Highly Deserving Blogs: 
(please go check them out, they're terrific!)
  1. Ellen @ The Card Monkey's Paper Jungle
  2. Abby @ Abby Has Issues
  3. Andrea @ Andrea Joseph's SketchBlog
  4. Tilen @ ArtPlanet
  5. Dion @ Dion Dior & More
  6. Michael @ Sustainably Creative
  7. Stephanie @ Stephanie Corfee Intricate, Vibrant Artwork
I've finished two MAJOR projects that I've been working on for WEEKS. Unfortunately, I can't show you either of them for a few more weeks because A) one of the projects is for a friend and I want her to be surprised when she opens it & B) the other project is being entered into competition and until I hear I don't want to share, lol. In other words, it's going to be a few more days until I have more art to share. I'm almost done a macro flower, though... think vibrant, colorful and close up! Can't wait to show you all!

Talk to you all later, my bloggy friends. 
We'll sit down for a hazelnut cuppa and some Oreo cookies. (Do they make those gluten free? No? Dang.) 
I guess that's another thing you didn't know about me, I LOVE Oreo Cookies. 


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  1. Did i yet say, thanks so much for following me?! Thanks - L

  2. what a fun read, learning all those things about you! :D

  3. Congrats on the award!!! Well deserved! :)
    That's so amazing about your grandmother. Wow. I'm only in my 30's and there is NO WAY I could bungee jump. I'd probably break my hip or something!
    Have a great day!


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