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Workdesk Wendnesday, Crocheting Around

So, here's an actual craft project, created by ME! I found a great picture on the web of a pretty headband, but with no corresponding pattern. I decided I would figure out how it was done. I mean, I'm a pretty good figure-out-er ;o) and generally smart person, this couldn't be that hard. It took some fiddling, mostly me cursing and pulling stitches out over and over. But, I finally figured the pattern out and NOW, I've written down what I did so you, my bloggy readers, can do it too!! This will take some of your own...

Ok, here we go with my (humble) instruction on how to make a lovely loopy do-it-yourself headband.
    This is NOT me wearing the headband.
    This is the pic I found on the web.
    Click to enlarge.
  1. I used light(3), fingering weight wool and a 4 crochet hook. I ended up making 16 connected loops but I have a larger head, smaller heads will probably only need 15. Happy crocheting. Oh, I'm not a professional crocheter or pattern maker, in fact, this is the first pattern I've ever made all by my self. I've tweaked some patterns but this is the first I figured out myself. Cool!
  2. Normally, this project would be for the beginner crocheter, but because you may have to fiddle to get the pattern to do what you want, I would recommend being an intermediate crocheter, or a REALLY confident beginner, lol.
  3. ch5 loosely, slip stitch in first ch to make loop. chain 3. (this counts as first double crochet.) Double crochet 10 more times in loop. This creates HALF of the circle. 
  4. (You do half of the circle all the way to the end then come back down, completing each circle to finish off where you started.)
  5. *For next circle, chain 5, connect with a slip stitch to chain 1 to form second loop. chain two tightly and slip stitch into 8th double crochet of the previous half round. This counts as one double crochet. If you are having trouble at any time, just think that the total of each circle should LOOK like it has 20 double crochets, in actuality, there are 18 double crochets, one chain two and one other double crochet looking post. I hope that's not too confusing. (when you do the chain 5 loop to put your double crochets on, it creates a crochet bit that reads like a double crochet so I count it as one to make the circle balanced on both sides). So, back to the project...
  6. Now you turn your project. I'm left handed and am unsure if this will be a problem for you, but I ended up having to turn the wrong way to get the wool on the correct side to continue crocheting. Just fiddle with it until you get so you can do a double crochet in the chain you just created.
  7. Oh, by the way, all the first chains in the loops will be all on one side so when you get to the length you want you crochet down the other side to finish off where you started)
  8. So, to continue, turn your work and double crochet 9 times in the loop.* Then repeat from * in B until you have the length you want. (Measure around your head where you want your headband to go, if you're using the actual crochet project to measure, remember to pull it tight because if you don't it will be too loose when you finish it.
  9. When you reach your total desired length, just continue double crocheting in that loop nine more times to create the first completed circle. Slip stitch into top of the 10th double crochet of the previous loop to form your first completed loop. 
  10. *Double crochet in loop 9 times and slip stitch in top of 10th double crochet of previous loop* Repeat from* until you have come to the end loop and your headband loops are filled. Slip stitch into top of original ch3. Now bring last loop and first loop together.
  11. To finish your headband project, slip stitch into the top of the 9th double crochet and then the 10th double crochet of the opposite end of your headband to strengthen and thicken connection. FInish off and hide ends of project in the rounds. Done, one headband!
  12. I hope you have fun and no trouble following my instructions. I put in as much detail as I could to make it as visual as possible. Fiddle around, you'll get it!
So there you go. Happy crocheting!

Ooh, guess what? I just made "Pre-Birthday trial run" CUPCAKESIt's my mom's birthday next week on January 30th. Since I'm NCGS (non-celiac gluten sensitive), we needed to find a cake mix that was gluten free. Low and behold, Betty Crocker makes two different kinds! Chocolate and yellow cake. Yummm! We're "testing" the chocolate tonight. Heehee! I haven't had dessert for like 6 months, dieting. I'm having a damn cupcake tonight and I'm gonna COVET it!

Just so it's clear, I am still working on art, not just scarfing down cupcakes and crocheting headbands, lol. Here's a picture of my Workdesk, Wednesday... (I'm a little overwhelmed with projects.)

Ooh, I gotta go make my hazelnut coffee!! It's going to be a good, good night. :o)
Here's wishing you a cupcakey week ahead.
We'll talk soon, just don't interrupt my cupcake eating. ;o)

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  1. you have that cupcake and you enjoy,
    sounds wonderful, so does the coffee, yummo!!!!
    Oh and beautiful hair band !!

  2. You are a busy lady! I may try the headband if I have some light yarn in my stash. I didn't know that there was gluten free cake mix. I may just try that too! Nice that you have a window right at your desk :).
    Stay inspired!

  3. headband turned out looking great, good on your for persistence
    Bridget #32

  4. Just gotta go eat a cupcake now I have seen yours.
    Thanks for the picture of the headband which looks great - pity my hair is short now but then I would have to re-learn how to crochet to make one. Was thinking it would make a nice edging for a bag I am hoping to do when I get home.
    Thanks so much for sharing and commenting on my blog. Hugs, Neet #6

  5. That is such a pretty headband, and thank you for sharing it with us. Hope you enjoy those cakes. My granddaughter is coeliac and all she really wants is gingerbread men - she misses them a lot, so is looking for a good recipe she can eat. Thank you for your visit today, and your kind comments. xx Maggie #90

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. The headband is so pretty - My 86 year old Mom still crochets, but I never learned...maybe one day. I'll have to tell some of my gluten sensitive friends about the new mixes!

  8. Enjoy your cupcake--and the headband is really pretty! My friend crochets and I love seeing designs.

  9. My daughter is a coeliac and we have just spent time in the kitchen making gluten free whoopee pies.... though I have to say on the tray before baking they looked more like whoopsie pies.... we ended up with flour and cocoa and butter everywhere, but had great fun doing it... as to the thought of trying to crochet or do anything like that I just think it may be safer if I stay on the sidelines and cheer you on.... would not be pretty if I tried it!!!

  10. Howdy and Happy New Year!

    I'm back at WOYWW after being MIA since November.

    I Like your crocheted headband - it's pretty.

    Over the holidays I went on a crochet binge - crocheted 4 scarves and a beret! This was after being away from crochet for 50 years. I wanted a scarf for Christmas and decided to MAKE one! So I watched a ton of videos to refresh my memory. Very fun. Sometime this year I want to pickup knitting again - but crochet seems to offer more creative freedom. By the way-I invented my own patterrns for my hat and scarves - which meant I took them apart numerous times! :-)

    Would love for you to visit my blog when you have a moment or 2.


  11. Oh I don't know how to crochet.... the headband looks great and congratulations for figuring it out!! Way to go!

    The cupcakes sound great; I'm sure your mom will enjoy them for her birthday. And the coffee, I love hazelnut coffee. Enjoy!!

    Happy WOYWW

  12. Love the crochet head band, thank you for sharing the pattern and instructions, hope you enjoy your cake sounds like you have truely earnt it. Have a great week Lou #82

  13. That is such a wonderful headband! I wish I could crochet. And watercolour. Or paint with anything really!

  14. That headband is funky - learning to crochet is one of my Must-Do's this year. Am gonna bookmark this page when I've learned a bit more than I know now! Am liking the sound of non-gluten cupcakes too *jumps up and down* please may I come to the party too, LOL!
    Hugs, LLJ #45 xx

  15. Wow! You have so much going on right now. I love the handband, it is very cute. All I can do with anything string-like it play with the cat. I'm impressed by those who can crochet and knit and sew! Keep on keeping on this belated WOYWW.

  16. Wow - no dessert for six months? Your will power absolutely amazes me!!! And I love the headband too. Hope you enjoyed your cupcake. You deserve it! Returning the follow :)

  17. Bravo to you for taking the time to figure out that headband. You deserve a cupcake (even two). I once copied a bootie made from crochet thread, the cutest tiny bootie I had ever seen, and oh my, I thought I was going to go nuts before I figured it out. These days moms are putting Nikes on newborns...but those were lovely booties. :D

    (Found you on Best Posts of the Week) :D

  18. The headband is beautiful. Wish I could do needlework. Enjoy those cupcakes.

  19. Seems that you have been busy, the headband looks beautiful! I don't think I'm able to do needlework, something I have been thinking on trying. Thanks for sharing!

  20. Wonderful headband and great how to ~ crocheting, knitting are sooooo meditative ~namaste, carol (Share the Creative Journey) Happy PPF ^_^

  21. let me know how the cakes turn out. I'm always interested in an easy-to-make GF recipe!

  22. That's very cool how you were able to figure out that pattern! How come we don't get to see a photo of yours?

    happy PPF!

  23. Love the headband. Looks like a lot of work but it is beautiful. Happy PPF!

  24. I've left it late enough to say: so you liked the cupcake then. Did one give way to more, huh? Huh?!!!
    Love the crochet headband and thanks for the instructions....I have short hair so if I try it, it won't be for me...please note the IF..I haven't had a lot of luck with crochet...I blogged about it.


Please leave me a comment, I've sure missed hearing from you!


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