Friday, January 27, 2012

Painting, Hopping, Pinning and Answering...

I'm hopping on over to Create With Joy to participate in Friendship Friday Blog Hop. The idea here is that Joy posts a question the week before and we, the hoppers who are participating that week answer in our Friday post. This week the question is:
What Inspired Your Blog Name?
When I first decided to blog about my new adventure in watercolors I found it a little daunting, to say the least. I tend to obsess over things when I get scared about doing it. So, there I was, mentally obsessing about both my first blog post and whether I'd even be good at watercolor painting. Now, I know this may sound self congratulatory but I tend to pick up a new craft/art medium easily. For instance, I taught myself how to make sugar paste flowers. To the right is the first Stargazer lily I did. Over the years, I'd gotten used to just being to pick up any craft without much effort. Then I tried watercolors. This was HARD. As I played with my new watercolors, (and even took a lesson or two from a famous artist in Victoria) I found myself feeling really panicky. "What if I wasn't good enough?" The dream I'd had since I was a little girl would die! I wouldn't be a professional artist. What would I do then? (Because all I REALLY wanted to do was paint, it was my heart's desire and had been for 35 years.)

So, when Shirley Schmidt (the artist who gave me the few lessons I clearly needed) came over and I lamented that I was wracked with worry, she said something I've committed to heart and used every time I feel even a little daunted by a new painting.
Paint Jenn, just PAINT!
When I went to paint the next day I felt those awful fears again. I felt overwhelmed with doubt with myself and my ability to learn how to do this. Then I thought, "Damn, it's just water, Jen. Just add water, silly!"... and my blog title was born. I knew that's what I had to remember, to paint without fear, just paint and add water, silly.

That's me and my blog title. I am totally happy with it, it's me. I did my Etsy site in the same name and also my Twitter feed is similar (Just Add Water, Silly is too many letters, so I use AddWaterSilly, you can follow me by clicking the link in my sidebar.)

I figured it was fun, a little irreverent and memorable, much like me. I have a saying about myself which goes: "I'm not mysterious, just complicated." Yup, that's me. :o)

I've done a little pinning with Pinterest lately. This has inspired me to do a piece about iris's. I just love the thin flutteryness of the petals. I can't show you the piece, as it's a surprise gift for a birthday girl. Suffice it to say I'm working diligently and I can show it in the next few weeks. You'll just have to wait.

Source: via Tracy on Pinterest
Much love and hazelnut coffee to you all. (Oh, and chocolate cupcakes... there's one with my name on it in the freezer!)

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  1. I do love to paint, though I have never tried water colors.

    I am not an artist but painting takes me to a place where time has no meaning and all colors are beautiful. Anything that makes me feel that good, is good for me.

  2. I really wish I could paint, alas I am NOT the creative one (at least not in that way). My daughter is definitely more creative than I am - she takes after my sister - but her most creative vein is in photography. I know that once she finishes college she will use her skills more often ... if only as a release from her "eventual" job.

    I so love the flowers in this post. I am following from Friendship Friday Blog Hop - I'm your newest follower in pinterest, twitter and GFC - didn't see a G+ link

  3. I wish I could paint also, but I have no talent for it whtsoever. I am always a bit jealous of those who can because it seems to me to be such a wonderful talent to be able to "capture" what you see. My daughter (who is 9) is very creative and we do all kinds of art together, just not painting. I leave her to do that on her own :-)

    Visiting from the Friendship Friday hop :-)

  4. Like your name as well. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a commnent several days ago, just now getting around to responding. Yes, thanks for Artist Play Room and I'm looking forward to looking around some more. Terri


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