Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mmmmm... Coffee!

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I love it. It's cold in Nanaimo right now. I want a very hot cup of coffee so I can climb in and swim around in it. This was on my mind as I drew this piece. I've been loving the art of a new artist I discovered as I hopped from blog to blog. I may have mentioned her before. Her name is Andrea Joseph and she draws like a Loon, that's her term, not mine, lol. I thought I'd try her style, it was really fun and took less time than I thought it would.

I'm going to use it for my submission to Sunday Sketches this week. I'm liking the black and white qualities of this sketch, although I probably could darken the actual coffee. I'm assuming there's a whole boat load of coffee whitener in it plus two spoonfuls of Splenda to boot. That's the way I take it. Oh, and it's hazelnut flavored. I thought I should warn you purist coffee snobs out there. I'm talking to YOU mom! Hehehe. Hazelnut coffee is my newest obsession, as I've mentioned before. My aunt made a mistake and bought hazelnut flavored coffee the other month and nearly fell over backward when she took the first hideous (her opinion) sip. So, I happily inherited this wonderful, magical brew.

Ok, I gotta go make a cuppa. OOh, and there's strawberry jello in the fridge too. Yep, late night snack, here I come!!! It's calling to me, can't you hear it?? Jenn... come get me!! I miiiiiisssss youuuuuu. That's the coffee, the jello is trying to hide in the back of the fridge.

Talk soon,
More art to come,
Later peoples!

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