Monday, January 23, 2012

Blue Monday

Nope, I'm not unhappy. I'm just sharing my newest piece or art that happens to be blue. I'm also linking to Blue Mondays and Inspire me Mondays. You'll find many lovely artists there showing their latest work.

So, the question is, what inspires me lately? I have a great answer for that. My inspiration has given me more energy than I've had for 10 years. I'm finding that I actually have to force myself to go to bed because I'd work and create into the wee hours of the morning. Also, I've never been a morning person but I find I wake up at 8:00am  promptly every morning. What a wonderful buoy to my spirit this has given me. I happier than I've probably ever been in my 41 years. Here's my inspirational muse.
I know, gluten free Celiac Disease Awareness seems to be a strange thing that's inspiring me lately. But since I found out I was gluten sensitive and totally revamped my diet, I feel so much better I'm jumping for JOY! Before discovering my inability to digest gluten, therefore setting up an allergic reaction, I was sleeping 18 hours a day, in pain constantly, looked like death warmed over and found myself catching every illness I came in contact with. I've been on a gluten free diet for about 6 months, it will take almost a total year for my body to heal from the decades of damage done because of the gluten. But, after 6 months I feel like a new person! It can only get better from here. My life will finally begin again.

I'm über busy this week, here's my To Do List:
  1. Draw out Butterfly Project piece.
  2. Draw out Ellen's project.
  3. Make font for Ellen's project.
  4. Paint Opposites project for "The Fully Buttered Effect"
  5. Read "Catch Me" mystery by Lisa Gardner (sent to me for review)
  6. Do review and blog post about "Catch Me before the book comes out in two weeks.
  7. Write post about new amazing artist I came across.
  8. Crochet fingerless gloves & matching headband.
  9. Finish Macro flower painting that's on my desk at the moment, waiting patiently.
  10. Dr. appointment on Thursday morning & next Monday afternoon. Two different doctors, sigh.
  11. Find another way to cancel magazine subscription because (fricken!) 1-800 number doesn't work in Canada, apparently. (Jen rolls eyes heavenward)
  12. Go to both "The Hive" and "Blogaholic" to participate or they'll think I died.
  13. EXERCISE (I'm losing weight and I'm gonna look like a wrinkle dog if I don't tighten up "stuff")
  14. Clean up the damn house! 
  15. Shower at midnight, when I actually have a minute to breathe!
  16. Remember to eat, LOL.
  17. Actually get back to my friend Ellen. Sigh... guilt.
  18. OH, also, make mom's birthday cake for next Monday, grocery shop for birthday dinner & wrap her present... (don't read this one, Mom)
Did you notice that #1 is crossed out? Yay, I have ONE finished... here's what I got from #1. (click to enlarge)

Title: "Corn Flower Visitor"
The corn flowers will be fuchsia pink and the swallow-tailed butterfly is blue, black, red and cream. The background will be a mixture of mossy green watercolors. The butterfly will be the most intricate part, but probably the most fun too. I want to try to get him "correct" so I did a lot of counting of sections and black lines, lol. It's surprising how symmetrical a butterfly's wings are. This always makes me think of how cool genetics is.

I loved learning about genetics in University. Even high school was illuminating on the topic. Have you learned about genetics? It's truly cool. Like how two brown eyed parents can have a blue eyed child but the reverse isn't true, blue eyed parents can't produce a brown eyed child. I always found that so cool, learning about alleles and the chi square rule... but I'm meandering here, and probably boring you.

Ok, I have to stop wasting time (although I'm totally enjoying it!) and go conquer my daunting list. How's your Life List this week? Breezy or daunting? 

I WILL return with a Macro flower to post about soon (even if it kills me, damnit!) He sits forlornly on my work desk, waiting for me to love him again and stroke color over his petals. Sounds kind of sensual, doesn't it. I guess I need a boyfriend. ;o)

We'll talk soon. (I can bribe you with chocolate cupcakes from my freezer, if that' necessary.)
Much Love my bloggy friends,

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  1. Your watercolors are beautiful, Jenn. My husband is a watercolorist, too, here in the mountains of Colorado, as you may have seen from my blog. Anyhoo, I also watched your sketchbook youtube and it's wonderful. You are a very talented lady. Don't quit believing in the creative ability God has given you. He's on your side. Blessings.

  2. Isnt it amazing what a difference it makes if you don't eat gluten. Love your watercolors!
    have a beautiful day

  3. I am on my way to visit your shop. Following via FNFWBHop. I am your newest GFC follower. I am in awe of your butterfly artwork.


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