Saturday, January 28, 2012

Are You Feeling Lucky, Punk? Well, Are Ya??!?

Yes, yes I am, actually. Thanks for asking. :o) I'm feeling totally lucky, but a little overwhelmed. In fact, my six words for "Six Word Saturday" are:
"I'm overwhelmed with art on my desk!"
What's worse, today I woke up but just couldn't keep my eyes open. I've napped the whole day away! Now I'm REALLY behind, lol. Hopefully I'll be productive this weekend. Maybe it'll be a Sweet Saturday and I'll magically catch up with everything I've been struggling with this week. Mom's birthday is Monday so that's something wonderful to move toward as the weekend moves along.

This post is being written over the entire Friday, so now I did actually get some of my work done. :o) I'm feeling ever so much better now. So, I completed a painting about opposites, a challenge from Fully Buttered Effect. I loved how it turned out! I'm just giddy with happiness, I'm getting better at seeing shadows and layers of color. It used to be such a struggle but it is something an artist has to train her eye to see. Mostly one just sees things three dimensionally. If you want to translate that to two dimensions, you have to analyze what makes it look three dimensional. See those shadows in all their glory, from the lightest hint to the darkest depth. Also, my mom is helping me understand "where the light comes from" which also helps see those shadows, even if they're hiding, lol. It's making such a difference in my paintings. (Click to Enlarge)

Title: "Apples & Oranges"
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My palette for Paint & Palette
Oh, by the way, here's why I'm feeling so lucky. :o)

Two very cool things. I signed up for the opportunity to win the of reviewing a few books over at Good Reads. Sooo many people sign up for that, like thousands for each book. Also, I am notoriously unlucky in giveaways etc. I never win ANYTHING. Now, I'm sure you've guessed... I WON. I get to read and review the newest book (not out in bookstores yet) by Lisa Gardner called "Catch Me". I'm so psyched to read and review this book. I love mysteries, 99% of the time, it's my genre.
The second really great thing that happened just this last week is my replacement iPod Nano came in the mail. As I'm sure some of you know (because you received an email from apple) they recalled the first generation Nano months ago. I dutifully sent mine in and was told that at some time a new first generation Nano would be sent to replace my "defective" one. Apparently, some of them have batteries that blow up or catch fire or something. Well, the replacement Nano finally arrived. I had told mom I would be donating it to her so she could get some speakers and download all her tunes off her iPad. Remember I got a new green 6th gen. Nano for Christmas. I thought the least I could do is set mom up with a tech savvy sound system for the apartment. Here's the very cool thing. When the Nano arrived it came with an apology letter, lamenting the fact that they had run out of 1st generation Nanos to send as replacements, so they hoped I wouldn't mind that they sent a NEW generation Nano instead. Mind? Did I MIND??!? Gee, no, not particularly. ;o)

So, now mom has a new 6th gen. silver Nano and I'm gonna buy her some cool new speakers that will keep it charged all while filling the room with tunes. I seem to be lucky this week. Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket...  Hmmmm.

Gotta go, I think I have a toonie in my purse. (for my lovely bloggy American friends, a toonie is a coin worth two dollars. The name came about because the first dollar coin came out and had a loon on it, so we Canadians called it a loonie. Therefore when the two dollar coin came out... well you can see what happened, lol. Gotta love us Canadians, Eh?) I think I'll take a stroll to the corner store. ;o)


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  1. Your "apples & oranges" are spectacular!! Great to hear all the good too :). Sending good vibes ~~~ for that lottery ticket as well.
    Stay inspired!

  2. Hi Jenn, thanks for stopping by! your apple and orange are gorgeous. the depth and variation of color is so well done. I'm absolutely loving my inktense pencils (bought just the small set of 12 with a 50% off coupon. those little buggers are pricey!). the colors are amazing and they are so blendable and smooth. I don't do the kind of painting/drawing you do so I'm not sure how they would compare to what you're currently using. I'm just messing around with them in my art journal or abstract work at this point, but it was love at first sight and now I wish I had more colors! -Karen

  3. Loonie/toonie - you learn all sorts of random but amazing things off people on these blogs!! I love that :D
    Am loving your artwork - for all your self deprecation, I think you are a true artist, seeing the worth of colours and shapes.
    Regarding how our blog names came about: Julia (my bestest mate, who hosts WOYWW) occasionally organises card making days, where people come and craft all day long. I do the catering for her, providing lunch and cakes all day long - so she called me Lunch Lady Jan and it stuck! I couldn't possible be anything else now!!!
    Hugs, LLJan xx

  4. Great opposites painting! Love the colors and shades. And your mom is totally hip. :) I can't get mine to read the message on the phone. :)

  5. You're right, as an artist you have to really "see" something, instead of just "looking"... there is a difference :) Glad to hear you've been having good luck ~ have a great weekend, and hope your Mom has a Happy Birthday!!

  6. well someone's having a good day, so happy for you, I love it when things turn out like that. Your 'apples and oranges' is amazing, very well done, so realistic!

  7. Happy you had a great day! :)
    Lovely painting!!

  8. Beautiful still life drawing Jen....and I usually find good things come in 3's. I wonder what your third gift from the universe will be?? :D XXX

  9. What a great piece... your apples and oranges! How fun to review that book and yay for a new nano! How sweet of you to give it to your mom! :)

  10. my mouth is watering and I have to go and grab an orange from my kitchen and eat it right away :-) your painting inspires me

  11. Love the oranges and apples and so glad to see pencils as your palette... I use them all the time and it is time but always seem to forget that they are as important part of my palette as my paints... have a great week revelling in the wins...xx

  12. Love your apples, great complimentary contrasts here! Thanks for sharing the "Toonie" story; I love learning new things like that! And thanks for the heads up about 6 Word Saturday, I'm gonna check it out!


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