Sunday, January 29, 2012

Announcing: The Artist's Play Room

Before I make my big announcement, let me say I'm thrilled to be the newest Artist Member of Inspiration Avenue. I'm so happy that they picked me to become a new contributer to the team. Inspiration Ave. is a blog made up of about a dozen artists from several countries who get together online and inspire one another to create art. We all also have Etsy shops which we also endeavor to support & encourage. Since I'm now a member, I'll sometimes be posting information about the other artists and challenges we're hosting. 

Inspiration Avenue also wants to inspire you by inviting you to participate in the weekly challenges. The challenge theme for that week is announced every Monday. If you're participating that week, make sure you leave a link to your post in the comments section of Inspiration Avenue by NOON Sunday. We also request that you please add a link to the challenge and mention the theme that week within your post so we don't miss your submission. There are even prizes at the end of each month!

I thought I'd better participate in the first challenge (although members are ineligible for the prizes) since becoming a contributing member, lol. This week the challenge was "Letters of the Alphabet". I decided to do a sort of zentangle tile, combining Mr. Toast's "Pattern" challenge and IA's "Alphabet" challenge. Kind of a negative space kind of piece, let the tangles define the letters. Here it is. (Please click to enlarge)

Title: "I Know My ABC's"
My other announcement is that I will be starting an Artist's Blog Hop in March of this year. On Saturdays I'm hoping that all you artists come and show your wonderful art using the Mr. Linky that will be provided. If you'd like to sign up your blog now to say you'd like to participate, just go here. You will also find all the instructions etc. you'll need to know in just a few weeks, if you decide to participate. Remember, you don't have to be great, just enthusiastic. You don't even have to do the weekly challenge I'll be posting every Saturday, just post your best piece from that week, if you like. I want to encourage all those of you need encouragement and I love discovering & exploring other people's artwork. If you're going to participate, you can also add my APR button to your sidebar. I've provided it below, just copy the code in the box and paste it into any HTML Widget. I'd love for you to participate, so come on back in March and play in my Artist's PLAY ROOM!

artist's play room

(Just copy & paste into your blog post
or sidebar HTML/Javascript Gadget!)

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Well, that's it for now. It's way to late for me to be up, but I really wanted to participate in the "Alphabet" challenge so I had to finish this post and the one about APR. (I am so excited about both new things!) I have a lot of art I'm just finishing up and I'm crossing my fingers that Sunday (today, sheesh!) will be very productive... right after I get 7-8 hours of sleep! (I'll be visiting Weekend Bloggy Reading, when I get up!)


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  1. Hello Jenn, you will be officially introduced from our side to the IA community - till then, welcome and wonderful to see you jumping right in!! Please come and visit and grab my button at Great to have you on the team!

  2. Hi Jenn! Welcome to Inspiration Avenue! I'm so happy you made time to do an entry this week! I love your zentangle tile...zentangle is something I have not tried, and I'm in awe of those who create them! It's beautiful and intricate.

    I love the Artists Playroom idea and I'll definitely be checking it out :) I'll put the button on my blog!

  3. Welcome to IA and all those wonderful artists who you will be joining. What fun to be part of their team. I can't wait to read more about your art. The Artist's Playroom sounds like fun and can't wait to see the blog hop as it develops.

  4. i love your IA entry! i tried zentangles, but they truly make me dizzy, so i love seeing others' creations :)

  5. Welcome to IA. Love zentangles!

  6. Love your alphabeth! And I'll try to participate in your blog hop! I've too many things to do!!!!

  7. Sweet sketch! Thanks for your words of encouragement on my paintings. Happy Sunday Sketches :)

  8. This is really great, Jenn. I really ought to try this style of art sometime. You're very talented. :)

  9. You're seriously talented Jenn! Great job.

  10. You certainly know your ABCs!! Love what you did :)

  11. Wonderful creation ~ well done ~ namaste, carol (Share the Creative Journey) Happy SS ^_^

  12. Thanks for visiting my blog, leaving such a nice comment and becoming a follower. I have become a follower of yours as well and look forward to reading your future posts. BTW - your entry piece is lovely!

  13. Your illustrations is amazing, I love that kind of work and congratulations on your new two adventures!
    Have a great day!

  14. Hey Jenn, Love your wonderfully created butterfly. I am a big supporter of the Butterfly Project as well.

    Welcome to the IA! The only way you can really fail with your watercolor journey is by NOT trying it. :)

    I am also a big fan of "PLAY" especially art play, so you can expect to see me on your blog often!

    Great to have you on board!

  15. COngratulations!!! I love inspiration avenue!
    good luck!


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