Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Last Flickr Favorites With Artmind

This is the last mosaic that I'll be doing with Artmind, as she has decided to put a little more ease into her life. I can understand her need. I have been "thinning the herd", so to speak, all this year of superfluous things cluttering my time. I have to concentrate on the things that are important, like painting and learning and making the life I want to live. I certainly will miss the weekly perusing of flickr for pictures of just how I'm feeling at the moment. In fact, I may still do my own flickr favorites every so often when I feel the need to "pictoralize" feelings. It can really de-clutter the mind and focus one's spirit. Thank you, Mitsy, for hosting this weekly get together, it was a joy to participate.

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1. * {70/365} pray for japan. ♥♥, 2. Hope, 3. wish, 4. Dream, 5. laugh, 6. LOVE, question mark., 7. i believe, 8. Breathe - owp, 9. live [v]: breathe; laugh; hope; smile; cherish; believe; inspire; bask; dance; indulge; color; love; wonder; dream; fly.

I also want to mention a new blog I cam across a week or so ago. It's so enjoyable to read that I wanted to share. The blog is "Abby Has Issues". She's funny, irreverent and easy to read. Totally enjoyable. Her latest blog post had an incredible line in it that gave me pause. The line said everything I've been striving for this past year.
"...strength of character can be written in at any time."
Thank you, Abby, for that brilliantly insightful line. I'm keeping it close to me, it keeps me warm & comforts me when I'm unsure of my way forward. That's what my mosaic is about this week. Remembering to include all those nine words while I move steadily forward.

Talk to you all soon,
Next time, ART! Woohoo! :o)

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