Wednesday, December 21, 2011

It Took A While, But I'm Back!

Hi everybody. Nope, I didn't die. This is a good thing. I did get really sick though. Not such a good thing. I had planned to take a little time off for myself, like two weeks or even a month. Ya, you can see how well those plans worked out for me. lol.

In the beginning of this year I began getting tireder and tireder. (I know tireder isn't a word, work with me here people! Hehehe.) I thought ...
"Ya, not eating right, not taking care of myself, have to lose weight and exercise more... Yep. Better do something about it."
I did a little not so serious dieting and figured moving around the house was enough exercise for now.(Jenn rolls eyes thinking about just how stuuuuupid she was a year ago.) Then I seemed to be actually gaining weight instead of losing it. I was puffing up with excess fluid like I was the Michelin Tire Man. "Ok", I thought, "No more salt or sugar, and I'll eat foods that have diuretic properties!" I took that a little more seriously but I was even more tired so no exercise for this girl. What... do I want to exhaust myself of the little energy I can muster?? (Ya, stuuuupid again.)

Now, I believe that God sends us all little hints, little pushes in the right direction. He starts with a nudge, "You're tired Jenn, eat better." If one doesn't listen (arrow pointing to Yours Truly), out comes the two-by-four.
"Ouch! Damn that one HURT!! "
Ok, message received, loud and clear. I ended up in the hospital for 6 days the first time and then had several short Emergency (read: one day) visits over the course of a several months. My lungs were the major problem. I've always had asthma, but with my weight creeping up, I guess I hit the "tipping point" and just wasn't getting enough oxygen. That on top of also finding out I was seriously anemic, (so even if I could get the oxygen in, I didn't have the red blood cells to carry it around!) made for the perfect storm to sideline Jenn.

You'll all be happy (she says hopefully) to know that I am improving every day, I've lost a whole boat load of weight and I exercise. (Did you hear that? I think Hell just froze over! Jennifer exercises??? Regularly??!?) Well holy heck balls, as my favorite blogger "Joy The Baker" would say. I even enjoy it. Actually I'm enjoying life so much more than I ever did. I am now officially a happy camper and I finally have the energy to start painting and blogging again!

For all of you who read me before, I hope you come back. I promise to never go away like that again. I realized, when I was so ill, that I really loved blogging about art and talking to people. I appreciated all your comments before and I sincerely hope you all come back to read me again. We had such fun sharing, let's do it again, K? Yes Please!

We'll talk soon,
Merry Christmas to all you wonderful people out there, I'm just so grateful to be back!
Hugs to you all,
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  1. Wow, I'd been wondering what happened to you. I'm glad you are better now! Take care of yourself and welcome back.

  2. Welcome back, hope you continue to recover well from your illnesss. Have a good Christmas.

  3. Good to have an energetic and healthier Jenn back!


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