Friday, December 23, 2011

Eye Candy!

I just love finding and then perusing a talented artist's blog. It makes me giddy to go from post to post soaking up all the new eye candy. Just this last week I discovered two totally amazing new artists. They epitomize what it means to be talented.

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Andrea Joseph is a moleskin and zine creator. She fills these little sketchbooks and zines with the most amazing drawings. Her blog is a delight for the eyes. I actually purchased one of her zines literally minutes after discovering her and her Etsy shop.  I can't believe that the zine I bought was created using a four color ball point pen. You remember those pens, don't you?? You know, from your school days, you could click either black, red, green or blue down to use it. I can't wait to soak up every word and nuance of her artwork. This is one of the photographs from the zine I purchased tonight.

Here are a couple of the pieces of artwork she is selling in her Etsy shop. Aren't they just delicious looking? The one on the left is named "Chips" and the one on the right is named "Exercise Book". Andrea is an amazing artist and I'll continue to purchase her products.

The second artist I came across is  Tilen Ti. He creates incredibly colorful watercolor paintings that he sells on Daily Paint Works. He is also on Deviant Art.  The brightness of the watercolors reminds me of the paints I use (Holbein). I want to just sneak into his paintings and walk the streets, sit on the benches and climb the stairs to these welcoming homes! I think his pieces are so happy looking. I would love to paint like this. Here are some exquisite examples of his work. The names of Tilen's work are as follows, from left to right. "Grignan, Provence, France-VI", "Granada, Spain-I" and "Esquerdes, France-VI". Please click on them to see the wonderful detail and skill.


It's such a joy to be blogging again! I'll be uploading pictures of  a bunch of pen & ink work I've done while I was recovering. I just couldn't stop being an artist, even if it was too much to paint. Thank God for zentangling and inking pens!

It's getting to feel a lot like Christmas here. We did a little baking yesterday (lemon squares) and it was such fun to get that Christmas kind of messy in the kitchen with my Mom. It's gonna be a quiet Christmas but I'm so looking forward to it. It's a good time to be alive and it's gonna be a grrrreaaaat New Year.

Happy Christmas to Everyone,
I'll blog soon, probably with Christmas presents, "ehem" to brag about. Hehehe.

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