Monday, December 26, 2011

Apparently I Was A Good Girl, Who Knew?

Hello everybody. I'm sure you're all milling around your Christmas tree, admiring all the open presents and lamenting the cleaning up you'll have to do soon. Have another sip of Champagne and enjoy a little blog post instead. Don't worry, the crumpled wrapping paper and ribbons tangled around the cat will still be there in 20 minutes.

Isn't it wonderful to peruse the bounty of Christmas morning? I thought I'd brag, I mean share with you what Santa brought me for Christmas. Ok? Here we go. Santa decided that this chick needed to rock out and since Apple had recalled her very old but still working perfectly ipod nano first generation, (well, except for the possible fire hazard from the exploding defective battery, apparently...), he stuck a new ipod nano in my very favorite color green under the Christmas tree. He was very generous and thought I should also be totally high tech and go wireless, so he added Logitech wireless headphone earbuds and a bluetooth converter for the ipod. I can't get over just how SMALL the ipod nano is!! It's almost as small as a postage stamp. It weighs almost nothing and has some seriously awesome features. Like the clock that makes it into a watch if you add a watch band! Wow. That's what's showing on the screen now, my Animal clock. Hehehe, I love it!

I also received  some beautiful peridot and sterling silver stud earrings. Can you tell I like the color green? Ya, a lot. It and bright, sting your eyes, pink. (the color I'm currently rocking on my toes, lol) They're happy-making colors for me. I smile a lot when I look at my toes. I'm sure people think I'm a little touched, but hey, at least I'm made happy by simple things. :o)

My aunt got me a body powder, Neige (it means snow in french). She knows me soooo well. She not only got a beautiful scented powder but it came in a sweet little bottle with a feather puff on top. You shake it and the powder descends into the feathers which you use to put it  on with! It's so ostentatious, I'm in my glory. I love my Aunt Mic. We spoiled her though, too. Last minute we noticed she didn't have a mouse for her laptop so mom ran out on the evening of the 23rd to purchase her a mouse and some black construction paper. I made Mickey Mouse ears for the package and when she was opening the package were singing... "Mickey's Mouse... Mickey's Mouse, forever let it work so well for youuuuu!! M-I-C-K-E-Y-S  M-O-U-S-EEEEEEEE! (remember, her name is Mic, short for Mickey), hehehe. She laughed so hard she nearly choked. Such fun.

My final gift was a beautiful leather turquoise wallet. I so desperately needed a new one and I can't get over the wonderful quality of the leather. It's deliciously soft and supple and the inside is quality. Thank you Mom. I love my family. I'm a lucky, lucky human being. Now I'm looking forward to the New Year. New health, new weight loss and new paintings. Hopefully new blog readers. Thank you to those of you who have come back to me, I appreciate your loyalty. I'm filled with Christmas spirit, maybe I'll go out caroling or something.
"Tis the season to be jolly.. hhmm hhhmm hhmm hhm hhm hmm..."
I'll be back soon. I'll make coffee and bring some lovely left over lemon squares. They're yummy. For serious. All lemony, sweet and tangy. Is your mouth watering now? We'll talk. We'll toast the New Year. It'll be great. Mark your calender, pencil me in. Remember the lemon squares. They're the best ever. Talk soon, K? Yes!

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