Monday, February 21, 2011

Artist's Block...

It's been too long since I had anything useful to say on my blog. I apologize for my absence, I've been struggling with artist's block and am only now pulling myself out of the funk of not knowing where to go with my art. I actually went as far as to switch mediums for a week or two. I pulled out my mom's oils and had a go at them. They were fun, something I certainly want to explore further. In the future. Trying oils made me realize that I needed to go right back to watercolors because I spent all my time thinking how I have so much to learn and explore with my watercolors, what was I doing adding even more stress by trying to learn something new?

I realized what I was trying to do was run away from the work of learning, the pain of not knowing my medium. I'm so used to just having a knack with everything I pick up. Things just come to me easily. I'm finding it challenging to live with the feeling of uncertanty, living with the not knowing. I'll keep you updated with my angst and how I'm overcoming it. I keep trying to remember the best advice I got at the beginning of last year from my teacher/friend.  Paint Jen, just paint!

Above is my mosaic for this week's "Tuesday flickr favorites with Artmind". I tried to express my feeling of being lost, not knowing where to go forward with my art. Thankfully, I do have faith, I'm back to painting again. We'll see where it takes me.

Oh, it's so nice to talk to you all again! I hope everyone didn't just give up on me in the past weeks. :o)
Talk soon? Yes?? Thanks!


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