Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Finish Line

Wow, I'm finally done. Whew! I can't believe how good it feels to put down the paintbrush. I've been working steadily on this project for over a month now. The great thing is how much I learned. For instance, I now know that I have to add pen & ink work to my regular artwork schedule. I'm so surprised at the happiness I glean from doing intricate pen work and just drawing as opposed to using a paintbrush.

Don't you just love how the scrabble tiles look? :o)  I got the idea while playing scrabble on my mom's ipad.

I'll be back soon with a new kind of art!! Yay!! Other that my showing the completed book put together, there will be no more sketchbook posts!! Ohhh, I hear you all sighing with relief. Thanks for hanging in there with me, gang. I have to say, I'm glad it's over too.

We'll talk soon, K?
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