Thursday, October 7, 2010

Window To The World

Hiya. Me again. I posted this double page before it was finished, just to give a preview. I'm thrilled about how it came out. After the other side of the paper is decorated, the window will be cut open using an exacto knife. So the reader will be able to open the shutters like you would be able to in real life, and see through to the next page. I haven't decided yet what it will open up to show, lol.

Another of the double page layouts I'm working on is lemons. I haven't come up with a sufficiently good hint yet though. I thought of "if you have lemons, make lemonade" but that seems lame. Any suggestions?

Anyway... I'll post another quick update very soon so keep your eyes peeled for new art! Oh, and for those waiting to see the living room transformation and my bedroom/art studio spruce up, I heard from Laz-y-Boy today and they think they'll be delivering sometime next week! Yippee!

Can we talk later? I could use a coffee. Meet me at Starbucks! Done!

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