Saturday, October 2, 2010

Sketchbooking... Is That A Word??

Ya, probably not. But that's what I've been up to lately. I want to make sure I'm not pressed for time to get this thing done and sent in by the new year. So, I'm concentrating on fleshing out what I'm trying to "say". You see, each sketchbook comes with a theme. Mine is "It Must Be...", so I've decided that the page before a larger painting will contain clues within the drawing.

My sketchbook will be made up of 8 full pages (double the width of the closed sketchbook) of 140 lb watercolor paper. I'm going to fold each of these full pages down the middle to make 8 "signatures". A signature... "folds to page size and is bound with other signatures to form a book." Then the signatures are stacked and bound by sewing them together.

I'm planning on doing a full painting or drawing for each double wide then when it's all sown together I'll go back and do individual drawings, paintings or zentangles on the back of the full pages (that are now half pages). That means I have 8 full paintings to figure out (with clues etc.). Then there'll be 8 half pages, each preceding a full page, with the clues for that full layout. Finally, there will be 8 more half pages for just doodling and extra stuff. I'm also planning on adding cut outs and windows to some of the pages so the viewer can see through to the next painting. Here's my first drawing and an example of one of the pages that will have a window.

 The actual window will be cut so it opens just like real shutters.
I haven't come up with any clues for this one yet, I'd love suggestions. This next one I'm going to use the clue... "He loves me, he loves me not." and I'll probably draw falling petals with those words written on them. (both drawings will be painted, btw.)

Anyway, I'm so glad I've started this project and I'm excited about it traveling around the US with hundreds of other artists' work. It's such a cool project.

Talk later? Good!
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