Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Sketchbook Cover!

When one joins the Sketchbook Project one must pick a theme. I chose "It Must Be..." and I've interpreted that to mean I will give some hints on the previous page about the next art piece. Don't get me wrong, not every drawing or page will have a hint. I think that would be excessive (and also difficult). Here's the cover.

When the reader opens the cover, the next page is a full double layout with what's supposed to be "my writing desk" that has a parchment, key and magnifying glass on the writing surface. As an incentive to come back in a few days, the next page is a close up of the desktop. :o) Here's the double layout.

The cork board on the left "wall" of the room is supposed to be where they'll put the library card envelope with all the artist info etc. Hopefully they'll be able to figure that out!!

Well, talk to you all in a couple of days. I just made coffee, I think I'll wedge myself into the cup!! It's getting ccccccoooolllldddd here. :o)

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