Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Time Flies...

Wow, how a year flies by. Just the other day I was blog hopping and ended up on a blog that pointed out that there were 100 days to go in this year. The blogger had decided to try an accomplish a bunch of things in those 100 days. I was inspired. I started to think about the beginning of this year and how good I felt about how far I'd come but how much more I wanted to accomplish before 2010 was over.

So, I'm making plans, writing lists and taking action. Yes. I am action oriented and totally inspired by my 100 day sprint to the end of the year. Are you inspired to try and accomplish something you wanted to do this year? Jump on the band wagon, let's go! I'm driving, you bring the mixed tape of inspiring music. Anyone else wanna join? My virtual car will hold everyone. ;o)

If you'd like to see more mosaics, go to Artmind and peruse the list. Mitsy hosts a link party every Tuesday. Before I sign off I want to add a little explanation and a couple of links about doing a mosaic.

One of my readers and blog friends, Colleen, asked how I do the four picture thing. So, here's what you do. First, go to Flickr.com and sign up. Start collecting favorite pictures or upload the pictures you'd like to put into a mosaic. Then, go to this mosaic maker site and pick the configuration you want. If you want the configuration I'm using, just leave the settings as is. Then click on the first box and go to your flickr account. Pick the pictures you want for each square then click finish. It will show you your mosaic that you can now click to save on your desktop. If you want to add a border just go here and upload your mosaic. Fiddle with the colors and width of border and TADA!!! There you go, a very professional mosaic. :o)

Okie Dokie Pokie, I'm off to watch some new pilot show I have taped on my PVR. Sheesh, wonder which one I'll choose?? Later peoples! Kiss, kiss... Hug, hug.

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