Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Z Is For Zentangle!

Hiya. Guess what I have for show and tell? Yep. Zentangles. I thought I'd play with depth and shape this time so in the first piece I drew a ribbon fluttering across the paper before tangling the background. Happily, I photographed this one before the addition of color. I love being able to see the dramatic difference the addition of color makes. As my favorite blogger baker would say... "Holy heck balls!", what a difference.

 On the second zentangle piece I used "pipes" and a chain (with "Z" initial) in the foreground before adding zentangles in the back. I think both tangles are really successful. It was such fun playing with the many shades of gray that I have in Copic markers as I contoured the pipes and fittings. I know, I've said it again and again, ad nauseam. But, I love, LOVE Copic markers. :o) If I had buckets of money hanging around I'd not only purchase all pen colors but I'd also buy the refill colors and "mix" my own into empty pens. I can't believe you can even do that with a marker. Such a cool system. For serious. Ahh, I'm so into Joy the Baker-isms tonight!

We are redecorating the apartment as we speak. As I mentioned before, we moved my room around so I had a small painting studio that looks out onto the garden. It works perfectly. Then I bought Mom an iPad as a present to allow her to reinvent her room, minus one huge computer cabinet. I guess the room change was the impetus she needed, because Mom decided to get a new sofa to go with her new iPad, hehehe. ;o)  The redecorating roller coaster is starting to careen out of control though, because now there's a whole "painting of every surface" to go with the sofa!

This week, we've debated and debated the color shift and we decided that we just love greens-blues-turquoises and browns. Together. To give you an idea of the shades we're picking, think Martha Stewart, just a little more muted. The walls will be a light, pale greenish-teal color, the dining room furniture will be a combination of dark toffee on the outside and medium muted turquoise on the inside. The bookshelves in the living room will match the dining room. We're going to add molding to those bookshelves to "beef" them up, too. All the wood in the room is getting a sanding down and will be stained a dark mahogany. That's what we're working on now, the sanding. Uugh. There is an inch of dust on everything, lol.

The first thing to be sanded down is my Grandmother's cedar chest. I inherited it when she passed away a few years ago. Mom says the chest has been every color under the rainbow, it was hers when she was a child. A decade ago it was refinished to a boring mid-brown. The finish is just too shiny to look "rich" and the color isn't anything to write home about, to say the least. So, we're refinishing the top and painting the bottom in the toffee/turquoise colors. I can't wait to see it finished. It should be spectacular.

I know all of this is going to take weeks to do, but I'm really looking forward to the new look. The sofa won't be ready for 6-8 weeks so we have time until the whole renovation is done anyway. Hopefully we can also find a semi shag loopy rug in a chocolate latte color for a seriously cheap price too, as the room needs a grounding. We'll see, mostly we're throwing brute force instead of money behind the changes so the rug will have to be an inexpensive little miracle we come across. I'm crossing my fingers.

I'll have to show before & after photos when it's all done. Show and Tell can be such fun! :o) Oh! Don't forget to enter my 100 Follower Giveaway, click on the button <-----, follow my blog then tell me that you're following in the comments for the Giveaway post. Tada! You've been entered. Did I mention that you get a bag of candy too? No? Silly me! Yep, candy AND art AND jewelry AND a bejeweled bookmark AND a sketch pad. I'm spoiling ya. You deserve it, thanks for the follows, everyone!

Talk to y'all soon, all I have to do is go make more art. Hehehe.

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