Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thin The Herd

The entire weekend was spent going through all the closets, cubbyholes, baskets and hiding places in the apartment. We were looking for all the stuff we keep but don't use. Our apartment is full to the gunnels, to the bursting point. So, stuff has to go. The rule is... 
"If you haven't used it in the past 6 months and haven't touched it in a year then it hits the garbage!"
Now, of course there are exceptions, like rarely worn "limo" shoes. You know the ones, you drool over them every time you spy them at the back of your closet. THOSE shoes. We keep those. But other stuff like the 8th pair of black runners and the bread machine, now that I'm sensitive to gluten, hit the garbage!  

It's amazing how much stuff one collects over the years. I think the funniest was a lowly salad spinner. We realized that it had been in our kitchen since before I was born! It was only used at Christmas when we cook for many people but now, in 2010, hey, just buy salad in a bag!! I don't think that plastic bowl with a string had touched a leafy green in years. Poor, lonely plastic salad spinner. Garbage to you!

We now have room to grow and it feels great. If you want to see more mosaics just go to Artmind's blog, you'll find a bunch there. 

Talk soon, K? 
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