Saturday, August 28, 2010

My 100th Post

Well, well. Who'd have thought I'd get here. Nobody I know, that's for sure! :o) Don't get me wrong, my peeps are very supportive, I've just never shown an aptitude for writing. English was never my strong suit in University, or high school for that matter. I'm kind of intuitive about grammar and all those other writing rules and things. I have a good vocabulary and I like punctuation but I couldn't spell my way out of a paper bag. I kinda go with what sounds good and I'm not afraid to break a few rules from the "how to rite good" book of prose. So, I think everyone (including me, if the truth be told) is a little surprised that I'm in love with blogging and I've stuck with it for more than half a year already. Yep. I still say... WOW.

On the subject of celebrating milestones... it just seems obvious to celebrate, don't you think?... I happen to have a prize sitting around waiting for a nice home to go to. You see, I crocheted a scarf last week to send to my 150th follower (I was so surprised to find myself at that number, right in the middle of celebrating my 100th follower. I mean, yowza!! I gained 50 followers in the week that I announced my giveaway celebration for my 100th follower!) I thought they (the 150th) deserved a gift too. Unfortunately, she never got back to me, so I have this lovely scarf just waiting to be someone's  "Go-To" neck decoration for this upcoming Fall. I'm thinking... how about we celebrate this 100th post instead? So, anyone who wants this scarf (I'll throw in a hand painted beaded bookmark too!), just leave a comment telling me why you want it and the best answer will win! Don't forget to leave your email address or your website/blog in your comment so I definitely have a place to send your "You're a winner!!" notification. Hehehe. Here's a picture of the lovely (if I do say so myself) hand crocheted scarf and the bookmark I'll be sending out.

Onward and upward. Here's a new piece of artwork. It's a combination zentangle pen & ink and watercolor. I absolutely love how it turned out! It's a whimsical drawing of the hanging basket outside my living room window.

I'm working on photographing all my artwork so I can start selling on Etsy. I'm also spending inordinate amounts of time reading what to do and not to, to be a successful Etsy seller. There's so much information out there and I've been collecting articles from the Etsy newsletter for ages. I must have at least one hundred articled to read. Whew! Well, as I said, onward and upward. Have a great weekend, everyone.

We'll talk soon, I'm sure. You'll be around, I'll be around, we'll make coffee, possibly someone will bring cookies and we'll talk. It'll be fun.  :o)

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