Tuesday, August 17, 2010

An Angel At My Table

1. cuando los angeles lloran... lloverá, 2. Requiem, 3. Numb, 4. Into your eyes my face remains.

Sometimes just the right person is is inspired at just the right time to do the exact right thing, the one thing you need. That's what happened for a very good friend of mine the other day. My very good, wonderful, competent and fantastic friend has been feeling very stomped upon lately at work. It's been difficult for her, it seems every time she got her head above water something else would drag her under. She was starting to blame herself. Somehow, all these negative things must be being brought on by her. Something inside her must be the cause. I told her she was wonderful, it wasn't her. I, as an outsider, could see she really wasn't doing anything wrong. Circumstances just sucked. Coincidences seemed to work against her instead of in her favor. 

But it didn't help to hear from the ones who loved her that she was blameless in the chaos around her at work. After being beaten down and beaten down over the months she just was having trouble keeping positive and no matter what loved ones said, she was losing ground in self belief. I mean, we loved her, we'd tell her anything to help her feel better, wouldn't we?? 

Then an angel beat it's wings and a little gift of goodness fluttered to earth. Out of the blue,  an employee sang my friend's praises. My friend is this woman's boss. This woman phoned my friend today and played "angel at the table". She told my friend that she felt compelled to speak. She believed my friend needed to hear that she was valued by everyone who worked for her. This "messenger" said that all the problems swirling around lately weren't anyone's fault and my friend shouldn't take anything to heart. She understood that it would be easy, under the circumstances, to become disillusioned and feel responsible for all the chaos at work. However, my friend wasn't responsible for unpredictable circumstances in other people's lives. This woman said she just thought it needed to be verbalized. It certainly did. 

I believe impulses to do or say something nice are like little gifts from God or the Universe, and sometimes just what a person really, really needs to hear. We can all be one another's angels at the table. Thank God for that. I keep listening, just in case a message flutters down to earth for me to pass on to just the right person. :o)

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  1. Communication...it is SO important. And the relief when someone speaks up for someone else. Shows appreciation. I hope it did your friend good and that she found the belief in herself again through this confirmation by her boss. Because that is what we all need every now and then. To hear we do good and are good.

    Nice mosaic, great story.

  2. It's so important that we act like angels from time to time, people around us need it sometimes.
    Great story, all the best to your friend.
    Lovely mosaic!

  3. Sometimes, a little word, sign or tap on the shoulder does the trick! So glad the woman did what needed to be done so your friend could gain confidence again! Lovely but sad mosaic!

  4. Not a religious person but i firmly believe that sometimes it seems that someone, somewhere is looking out for us. I'm sure your friend appreciates all your support.


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