Tuesday, July 13, 2010

In An Artist's Hand...

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I love being an artist. It makes it easier to know what I present to the world. I used to feel a little befuddled about that. I knew who I was inside, but what did I project? How did others see me? Now that I feel that I'm enough to embrace 'artist' as my descriptor, I feel more comfortable in my own skin. I'm happy with my identity, both with how people see me and what I project. I haven't been this centered for a very long time. I do love having artist's hands. :o)

If you want to join in the Flickr Favorites Tuesday mosaic with Artmind, come on over! We'd love to have you.

I have some fun news. I bought my mom an iPad yesterday. She never would have bought it for herself. She has a behemoth of a computer in her bedroom that takes up a third of the square footage of the room with it's own cabinet. So, she has now gone from a HUGE tower, monitor, mouse, keyboard etc. to a one pound device she can take anywhere. She loves it and she sees the value in the upgrade. But she never would have bought it for herself because she thinks of upgrades and new technology as luxuries. They're not just necessary tools to communicate with people and stay up to date with society. She thinks a new couch would be more practical. I'll buy her the iPad, she can get her own damn couch. ;o) Hehehe.

I have new art to share, we have to do coffee, K? I'll bring the cookies!

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  1. Loving both the pictures on the right hand side of your mosaic. I love my creative hands too! :)

  2. Great mosaic! I am happy I have creative hands, but they still look like piano fingers and clean. That is the advantage of using color pencils, lol

    So sweet to get your mom such a huge gift!

  3. I love the bottom two! they are so me! I've been looking around your blog and you are very talented.
    Mad About Pink from SB


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