Thursday, July 15, 2010

Finally Achieving Success!

I did it. Finally. Whew! It only took me 6 months, but I have finally produced and adequately good abstract painting. Yippee!! I actually really like it. I'm always surprised how difficult it is to produce an abstract piece. I know in my head it's difficult, the fact that it looks easy is a ruse. But when I go to paint one I still think I'll just whip it out and be done with it. Hehehe, ego, I guess.

I still need to learn to edit. Having more negative space (more white space) will dramatically improve the composition. Also, with more white space I'd be free to emphasize certain parts without feeling that I was going over the top and ruining the painting. This is titled Abstract "A". I'm going to go through the alphabet. :o)

Can we talk later? Yes? Good!
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