Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Egress: Doors & Windows

1. the funny green door, 2. paint me, 3. Y FFENEST, 4. blue door with heart, 5. Window Garden, 6. The town that invented the yo-yo, 7. door 212, 8. Barcelona - Creu dels Molers 035 c, 9. RGB - Barcelona

It's Tuesday and therefore mosaic day with Artmind. This last week mom and I have been overhauling the apartment because of the new iPad I bought her. She gets to get rid of a huge cabinet in her room. This overhaul of her room "spilled" over into my room then the rest of the large apartment. Think of it as an overdue Spring cleaning of sorts. With all the furniture repositioning etc., I strained my back and have been down for the count through the weekend. Because of this I've been sitting on the couch in a slight medicated haze watching my mom clean windows. That's what inspired this mosaic. 

It's quite amazing when one looks out a newly clean window, how beautiful and sparkly one's garden looks. Don't get me wrong, the windows weren't filthy, but the haze from dust etc. that's been blowing around outside lately made for less than stellar views. I like newly cleaned windows, thank God I was "high" on anti-inflamitories, which helped mitigate the guilt that usually bubbles up from just watching instead of helping with the cleaning. Oh, and just so no one worries, I'm fine, all better. :o) 

And now I have a newly organized room for painting, mom has a newly de-cluttered room and an iPad and we both can look out sparkly windows and see amazingly green Hosta plants in the garden. Lucky. About those Hostas, by the way? I have a drawing to show. Keep your eyes peeled for a new post very soon. 

Talk Later? Yes! (I'll bring the gluten free cookies, I have a fantastic new recipe!!)

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  1. Oh I love doors and windows that are special. I always take pictures as well. Great mosaic!

    And yes, sparkling windows are even better ;)

  2. I love the colored houses and I've always dreamed of living in one of those! :)

  3. i love those houses! i especially love that spiral staircase.

  4. Love the doors and windows pictures. If only I had a garden for my windows to look out on... oh well. The neighbour's tree is also nice. :)

    I haven't done any watercolour painting since I was a kid, but looking through your blog makes me think about playing around with it again sometime. It's such a beautiful medium. Love what you've been doing with it!

    ~TallysTreasury from swap-bot

  5. Such pretty windows and doors! I love the bright colors.


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