Sunday, June 20, 2010

Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire!

I lied. I said I'd be back with a new painting this past Wednesday. I didn't mean to tell an untruth, I just didn't have any idea how bloody long this current painting was going to take me! I guess I should have figured it would take at least a couple of days since it's twice as large as the usual size I do. Hindsight is 20/20. :o)

This painting was very much an exercise in controlling the paint and the use of technique. It's the first one I've had enough knowledge under my preverbal belt to do that. Normally, I slap paint on the paper and hope for the best, the painting being mostly unconscious. This time it was so enjoyable to be able to have some degree of thought go into my brush movements.

It was such fun to paint this one! Also, I got to use my very favorite Holbein paint color. Opera. This is such a wonderfully unique and bright magenta pink. Love it. It was such fun to work with an incredibly vibrant color. It layers beautifully, getting more and more intense with every addition. Since the flower is mainly painted in Opera, I've decided to name it just that. Opera Rose, 16"x16" watercolor painting.

Tomorrow I'm going start another painting, this one even bigger, 15"x20". I'll be painting from a photograph my mom took of an incredible open, blown tulip. It's been on my list to do for months but I didn't think I could do it justice until now. I probably won't have it ready for presentation for a few days, until then...

Have a great week, peoples. :o)
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  1. Beautiful! And indeed a bright pinkish color.
    But, as tulips are my favorite...I am looking forward to your next project!

  2. Liar, liar, pants on fire - something I haven't heard since my primary school days, thanks for the memory.

    A truly vibrant pink and perfect for that painting.

  3. Jen, that rose is so lovely. You have such a nice touch. I just posted some lilies from my garden. Feel free to paint anything there. Let me know and I'll send you the pix. Blessings, C.

  4. That rose is just exquisite! You should be so proud of what you've accomplished. Can't wait to see the tulip!

  5. Very nicely done and the color you picked is wonderful!

  6. I'm joining the admiring group. What a grand result from all of your careful use of technique. I actually especially liked how you wrote about the realization of your painting processes and your move from unconscious painter to user of technique to achieve the best end for your efforts.


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