Tuesday, June 1, 2010

In The Mean Time....

I haven't done any painting in a few days, I took a long weekend off. I needed to power down a little and enjoy other things around me. I thought, however, that I could post this little tidbit to keep you all interested while I get back to painting wonderful flowers this week. I'm sending the following double sided ATC (artist trading card) to Teresa from Creations by Tee. If you remember, she was the blog friend who sent me a lovely  pendant (seen on the left) for my birthday. What a lovely and generous woman she is! We decided to trade ATC's too. Here's what I'm sending her.

I'm also sending along a bookmark with abstract watercolor stripes on one side and a yellow daisy on the other. Here it is on the right. It really turned out cute! It's such fun to have other people to trade art with. I'm really not sure what I'll decide to paint this week, I'll take any suggestions under advisement, though. :o)  I owe my mom a couple smaller paintings to "go" with her yellow rose, "Torino". She decided to put it over the fireplace and has purchased frames to make a group. She likes the idea of my doing a study of the yellow rose so I'm going to do a bud and either detailed leaves or a partially open bud. I think I'll go with the bud and leaf close up. I miss doing leaves. Hey, maybe I'll do the 5x7's for mom then do a larger painting of leaves... like a Hosta plant. We have like 40 Hosta in our very luscious garden. This year they're looking especially terrific, with all the rain we've been getting. Don't ask me about the tomato seedlings that have yet to be planted, though. They're slowly dying because it hasn't warmed up enough to permanently plant them yet. Grrr, this cold weather! 

Oh, by the way, I wanted to mention that many times I want to answer your wonderful comments but so far I haven't found an add in comment widget that allows that to happen. On other people's sites I've seen it where if the blog owner comments back, their comments come out in another color so it looks like a conversation instead of just looking strange, like the blog owner is commenting on herself, hehehe. I'd love to get my hands on that widget! Just know that I appreciate all comments and every time someone says something wonderful I want to thank them and send a hug. You all make me very happy with your kind words. So, this is me, sending out a very large thank you and a group hug to all of you lovely, caring people. You've all made blogging such a joy to do! 

We'll talk soon, K? 
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  1. ATC's - I live and learn, something I have never heard of before. What a wonderful idea.

    I now the gadget you mean but wouldn't know where to begin getting one. You are right though, they do make an interesting addition to a blog. You'll have to let us know when you do find the relevant site.

  2. Jenn,I just read your post!
    I will treasure it.. believe me.
    Your work is awesome and you are a great person too. I am honored to be receiving works of art from you! Yay. I know these are Artist Trading Cards, but with these I am leaving the trading part out. I won't be able to let them go. I can't wait to show them off. Thank You! Teresa


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