Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pencil vs. Camera

It's Mosaic Tuesday with Artmind. I found a fantastic artist this weekend while I was perusing the many pictures and pieces of art on Flickr to use in my mosaic. His name is Ben Heine. When I came across his art it changed my theme for this week dramatically. I was going to do something about gardens, herbs and Mother's Day, as those are the things I did this weekend with my mom. After discovering these wonderful little vignettes I knew what I wanted to say and show.

1. Pencil Vs Camera - 12, 2. Pencil Vs Camera - 7, 3. Pencil Vs Camera - 13, 4. Pencil Vs Camera - 15

Art is so subjective. One person's doodle is another's masterpiece. I love how expressive these pieces are. They not only are funny, but also somehow, enlightening. I think they speak volumes without saying a word. They also make me feel. Happy, curious, intrigued, disturbed. And isn't that what art should do? Say volumes and move us in some small way?

Hey, I just thought I'd make you think a little, see art in a new way. It's all around us.
Talk soon? Yep, promise!
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  1. These are so clever and fun it kills me! : ) Are you going to do the same thing? I can't wait to see!!

  2. Love it, love it. What an imagination. What great stuff.


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