Sunday, May 2, 2010

Oh My Blog! Award.

I won another blogging award. :o) I'm a very happy blogger. (Jenn dances around the room singing, "They like me, they like me!").  This award comes to me from Tracy at Pen & Paper, one of my favorite bloggers. There are a few procedures involved in accepting this award. They are:

A) Get very excited that you got the coolest award EVER!
B) To accept the OMB Award, choose ONE of the following options: 
  1. Get very drunk and blog for 15 minutes straight. (or for as long as you can focus)
  2. Write a "Soundtrack of your childhood" post.
  3. Make your next blog post a video blog. (talk to the camera about anything)
  4. Take a picture of yourself first thing in the morning, before you do anything else (hair, make up, etc) and post it.
  5. Write about your most embarrassing moment.
C) Pass the award on to at least three other awesome bloggers.

Requirement "A" is accomplished. ( a result, the unfortunate afore mentioned happy-dance)  As for requirement "B", I don't drink that much. It's not that I'm against drinking until one gets silly but we only have white chocolate liquor in the house from three Christmas' ago and if I got tilted on that I'd get sick all over my computer, which wouldn't be cute or funny and  would make writing a blog post difficult. As for the next option,  I came into anything seriously thought of as music late in my childhood so unless you want a breakdown of Kermet the Frog singing "It Isn't Easy Being Green", we'll have to forget option #2. Both number 3 & 4 are not happening either. I am not putting an entire video of myself out there on the internet, so it can float around in the ether for all eternity. I mean, Geez, talk about pressure to NOT have a bad hair day! And, speaking of bad hair, that eliminates #4 as a possibility, we wouldn't want to scare small children and animals.

So, that leaves "Write abut your most embarrassing moment". My most embarrassing moment is only known by two people, me and my father. So, if I spill it, you'll have to promise not to blab. You guys wouldn't tell anyone would you? Naaa, I didn't think so. Hehehe. Ok, so take a seat and get comfortable, here we go...
When I was a little girl, (about five on this adventure), my father would take me to a fancy breakfast early every Sunday morning. This Sunday he woke me up at 6 AM and told me to hurry up and get dressed, he was taking me to the Château Laurier, (a very fancy hotel in Ottawa, Ontario), for breakfast. I was very excited! You see, my father liked to take me on adventures after breakfast and the best adventures usually happened in the old hotels. Once we "crashed" a wine and canape party held for some visiting dignitary. Another time dad took me up inside the highest spires of an old hotel and we flew paper airplanes out of the tiny stained glass windows on the (closed off) upper floors. I knew this morning would be something to remember.
I was giddy with anticipation as I rushed around. I grabbed my fanciest long dress with the puffy sleeves, my black patent shoes, my frilly white socks and my beribboned hair bows. I put on my favorite perfume, Baby's Breath, that I had received for my birthday months before and ran down the stairs, not wanting to keep my father waiting. I was a splendidly decked out five year old as I climbed into the passenger seat of the car. We were off on another Sunday adventure! 
The waiter seated us in the center of the opulent restaurant where we could see everything going on around us and everyone could see us. I finally started to relax and enjoy the outing as the waiter served me my orange juice and eggs Benedict. About half way through breakfast a horrible thought bubbled up from my subconscious. OMG!!!! I think I forgot to put on panties this morning!!! I tried not to let my five year old face show my near panic. I started to wiggle around in my seat, trying to surreptitiously check if, indeed, I had done the unthinkable. OMG!!! It was true!!! I had gone out in public without panties!!! I wanted the floor to open up and swallow me, whole.  I prayed that the world would end right-that-minute! What was I going to do??!? 
I sat and nervously picking at my breakfast, trying to nod and keep up with my father's words. I don't know if he noticed I was much less verbal than usual but it took me fifteen minutes to muster up the courage to whisper my problem to my dad. He told me not to worry, I was wearing a long dress, no one would know. I blinked at him, horrified. How could he be so dense??! I HAD NO PANTIES ON!!! It was a horror of gargantuan proportions! Holding back tears, I begged him to take me home. He did, but I know he had no idea of my complete mortification. Still, to this day, my most embarrassing moment was having to walk across that sprawling hotel restaurant,  knowing that I was not wearing panties and being sure that everyone else knew too!
Now to complete requirement "C". Here are three bloggers that I think deserve this prestigious award.

Jessica from My Scrappy Corner - she's a very talented scrap-booker and a lovely woman.
Mara from  Being Mara Spires - I was lucky enough to discover her blog while doing a swap with SwapBot. I think she's an amazingly talented artist.
Ashley from The Creative Place - Her blog is so colorful and, well, creative!  :o)
That's it for now, folks. Be back soon with Mosaic Tuesday, Copic markers and hopefully soon, a finished yellow rose watercolor. It's about half done. The rose and I are having a little battle, it doesn't want to be painted. I'm insisting. :o)

Have a great week, see ya later!
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  1. How cute is that, and what a great dad!
    As a child it would have been terrible... I remember once in grade 1 I realized I had forgotten underwear, and instead had the bottoms to my babydoll pajamas on. I just prayed no one would know.
    Thanks for sharing. It made me smile.

  2. That's a great story! I'm sure it was totally traumatic for you, at such a young age.

  3. No man, not even one as great as your dad sounds, would understand the sheer horror. Long dress or no long dress - YOU KNEW.
    The flying of those paper planes sounds like such fun, I don't suppose you'd like to adopt me as your sister?


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