Monday, May 24, 2010

Creating A Happy Life

4. Ruby

This Tuesday (mosaic with Artmind) I find myself thinking of ways to increase the enjoyment I squeeze from every day. I'm going to take the next 12 months and see if I can find my best place in this life. So far I have vowed to find more enjoyment in the little things, let go of fear and increase my positive outlook. All these ideas brought to mind the small things that increase my happiness and they ended up in my mosaic... A good cup of Earl Grey tea with a superb book, the color pink, and of course... cupcakes. :o) The simple things in life are sometimes the best.

I'll be back soon, with ART! Yup.
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  1. Appreciating the smaller things in life is definitely the way to go. I hope you succeed in your pursuit of happiness x

    PS. The title of No.2 is one of my all time faourite quotes!

  2. Indeed... the simpler the better! good luck in your search!

  3. Great way to go, Jennifer! Small things make life big! Enjoy! *gimme a cupcake too*

  4. We are so on the same wave length! A great cuppa, a great book and lots of pink. It doesn't take big things to make me happy. Although I do constantly strive for positivity, with varying success! Great post :)


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