Saturday, April 17, 2010

Snips, Snails & Puppy Dogs Tails

As promised, here is the baby cake I've done for a baby boy's christening celebration. His mom and dad had me make a similar cake for their daughter about two years ago. I was thrilled when they contacted me to, once again, make the christening cake for their new baby boy. I love how it turned out! :o)

It's always such fun to do whimsical creations.

I finally ordered the Copic markers I've been wanting so much. They should be here in a week or two! I can't wait to play with them. If anyone out there knows of a spray fixative that one can spray onto paper (like watercolor paper) to seal it from being absorbent I'd love to hear from you. I could use a little advice on Copic markers in general. I've been told that cold pressed watercolor paper won't work with Copics so I'm hoping to find a sealant that I can use to lessen the paper's absorbency. But I'll take any advice anyone wants to send!!

I'll talk to you later, hoping to fit in some serious painting time, since the weekend is supposed to be nice. I hope everyone gets out and enjoys the Springtime!

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  1. Is there no end to your talents? What a beautiful cake.

  2. What a gorgeous cake! Congratulations!

  3. The cake is fab! That's fondant on the layers? Have you worked with fondant before?

    I am making a Super Mario cake for my son this year, and want to use fondant...any tips?

    Hugs, Amanda (amandalee on swap-bot)

  4. Welcome to the challenge!! That cake is simply divine!! So excited to see more from you and your awesome blog!!

  5. Love your cake. I love to decorate cakes but no time plus I love frosting waaaay too much.

    -dlyn67 @ swap-bot

  6. Oh my goodness, that is a beautiful cake! You have such talent and in such a variety of things. Just awesome.


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