Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pretty In Pink

I have a New Painting!!! I love it when I do. Blogging is so much fun when you have stuff to show off. This watercolor painting is called "Flipside".  I drew it out first then defined the petals with waterproof black ink. Then I used frisket to protect the highlights before going in and adding watercolors. I love how it turned out! I think it will always thrill me when I finish a painting.

I've been having a little war with myself lately, though. I've only painted a couple of pieces in the last few weeks. With Easter, house guests, other obligations etc., I've found little time to actually sit down and paint. So, as the time stretched to the two week mark of my art drought I found I got a little anxious. My dark subconscious started whispering to me...
 "Would I still be able to paint something beautiful? Maybe because I've been ignoring my talent it's gonna be gone when I want to paint." 
It's like you had a best buddy who you loved to play with and you knew she'd always be there when you needed her. She kept calling, asking you to come and play in the park, you always begged off, you were busy! Then one day you had time to play but when you showed up at the park she was gone. She got tired of waiting for you. In the back of my mind I get a little nervous that my artistic ability is like my lonely little friend. Some day she's gonna walk away because I don't play with her enough.

I must admit, though, I'm an art snob. A weird one, I'll give you that, but still a snob. But only to my own artwork. I don't seem to put artistic value on all the other artistic things I do. In actuality, I do something artistic nearly every day. Sometimes it's a bookmark, sometimes it's an ATC or a zentangle. In the last few days it's been the baby cake topper I have to finish for Sunday. I guess the lesson here is... first, to give myself a break, stop requiring so much of myself and relax, enjoy the ride. And second, to allow myself the privilege of valuing all my art, just like I do others'. I can just hear my uncle Bob now... 
"Give yourself a damn break, Jenn!"
I'll prolly get an email tomorrow entitled "Advice from curmudgeonly Uncle Bob". He likes to be self deprecating. He makes me smile. Although it annoys the hell out of me that he's always right! ;o)  And I owe him a rooooaaaassssttttt Mmmooooooossseeeeee. Hehehe. Inside Joke. ;o)

I'm on a painting jag so I won't be gone long... We'll talk soon, promise.

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  1. So you are a self proclaimed art snob, now we know. A fun post, we all need an Uncle bob, don't you think?

  2. I really love that flower painting - so cool/clever that you did the underside! I feel like I've been so busy myself the past few weeks too, that I haven't had time to create...hopefully I can get back on track too!

  3. I like that you decided to do the underneath of a flower. That is a wonderful idea. I really like how it turned out.

  4. The art drought thing sounds familiar! Wonderful painting! I love the perspective.

  5. I love your painting. I really like the idea of doing the flipside. My grandfather was a painter and I often wish I had a little of that talent.

  6. flipside ... funny name...beautiful painting...


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