Friday, April 9, 2010

Lots Of Dots!

I'm in a swap at Swap-Bot where we have to make some sort of drawing or piece of art with the theme of "Lots of Dots". Now, normally when I get to use dots I would do some sort of zentangle or something whimsical instead of being more serious about it. This time I decided to switch it up a bit. I had this idea that I could create a piece of art using only little dots, no lines at all, just colored dots. It worked. :o)  The name of the painting is "Hummingbird's Kiss".

Here it is...

For another partner I decided I'd make a bracelet to go along with the art I was sending. It turned out well. I strung a huge amount of semiprecious stones onto memory wire then added a couple of little dangles to it. I have a confession to make, actually... I made a bunch of other art and jewelry and bookmarks but I forgot to photograph it for you before I sent them to my swap partners. Sorry. My Bad. :o(  But, here's the one bracelet, anyways. 


Ok, I'm out. I gotta hunt up some oil of Bergmont in a little sachet. Somebody boil me some water, stat! :o)  
We'll talk soon, PROMISE. 

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  1. That ATC is so smart and pretty! Why didn't I think of that! I am in the same swap but I have already sent the out.. Beautiful work!

  2. Hi this is fii from swapbot.

    I find it really beautifull what you've made!

  3. Beautiful work. Truly.

    ~LadyAmbrosia Swapbot

  4. Great work. Your partner will be pleased.

    I am officially following you.

  5. What a clever idea, I could never do this as I'd find it hard to see the finished picture and instead of looking like a picture of something mine would just look like, well, random dots on the paper. A beautiful bracelet as well - your swap aartner is one lucky individual.

  6. i loved this a lot :) the painting was neat :D

  7. seem like a pretty awesome swapper! I think you and I should have a 1 on 1 swap for ATCs sometime. I really love the pointillism ATC. That's definitely a technique I've always wanted to try.

    APlusAmigurumi from swap-bot

  8. Wow that hummingbird is stunning! You are very talented. And that bracelet - what a lucky swapparter you have!


  9. Love your dot art! Its beautiful! Thanks for understanding....I decided to follow you on twitter! :-) You have some great artwork!!! Read your about me section...don't be afraid that you wont be good at something! From what I can see you are a great artist!! :-)



  10. You know I have something I have saved since like grade 8 or something (so long ago I can no longer recall, lol) and it is a black and white dot drawing of a panda bear eating bamboo. I will see if I can get it out of the back storage to show you :)


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