Thursday, April 29, 2010

Laugh Out Loud

It's me again. I know, I haven't been gone long enough to miss. She doesn't post then she posts a bunch of stuff all at once!  I hear ya. You're just gonna have to deal, because I keep trying to change my ways but it never seems to take. Ideas come out of left field and I think, hey, that would make a fun post. So, here's a fun post. :o)

I came across a few things lately that didn't fit into my normal posts, but are so totally worth posting about. So, I've decided to do "a commercial break" from art posts. Something to make your face do this. ------->

This is the cutest video I've ever seen! It makes you want to go buy a little lamb (No, put down the mint jelly!) Meet Bea, the most adorable thing in this known Universe.

Told ya! I knew I'd make you smile. Now, to close this short interlude of a post, something completely different. I want one of these for when I have property. I'm just sayin'. ;o)

We'll talk later, about more artsy stuff. Isn't that what you come here for? One can only hope! Hehehe, later folks.

Not Dead, Just Lazy.

Sorry I've been more absent than not for the past few weeks. Yes, I will be kicking my own ass ASAP. :o) I do, however have a piece of artwork to show, to make up for my absence. My Copic markers arrived too!! (We'll get to that in another post, though.)

The watercolor painting is of a lotus flower. I used a micro-fine nib and frisket to make all the lines that would stay light. It's called, appropriately enough, Lotus.

The next one is drawn out and ready for color, probably going to take all day tomorrow. I've started to paint larger pieces. The one ready to paint is a full sheet of Arches paper and the one above is half a sheet. At some point soon I'm gonna finally go to the full extra large sheets (unbinded) that are like 22 x 30 inches. I've got three or four sheets of the 140 lb and one sheet of the 300 lb cold pressed paper. My hesitation is muddled up in the ideas of wastage, being good enough to use the good stuff and permission to try. *sigh* ...always with the psychological work. I get sick of the struggle.

Truth be told, though, I did do a terrible piece this week. I tried an abstract. I liked it when it was still wet but hated it when it dried. I haven't given up on it but it has made me rethink my timeline. I'm going to wait and try abstracts again in another few months (at least). I think one tends to surmise that abstracts would be easier than painting an actual thing. Nope. Not so. It's actually harder. It's hard to give balance and structure, to allow for both negative and positive space etc. when there isn't a true subject. I need more seasoning as a watercolor artist to be able to do all those things without a subject in mind.

Anyhoo, I'm outa' here. I'm going to make friends with my pillow, we haven't been getting along well lately. ;o)  We'll talk soon, I mean it this time!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award Recipient #2

I came across a fantastic new blog while completing a swap on Swap-Bot. The premise of the blog is really funny. Two women share their outrageous, bizarre, sometimes creepy, but always funny interactions with men on various dating sites they've joined. They change the names to protect the stupid. Hehehe.

I've read every post they've made and I spent all last night laughing at the amazingly lame pick up lines, bad grammar and general idiocy of some of the men who instant message these lovely, albeit satirical women. Even their tag-line made me laugh out loud, you gotta love a blog that starts with this...
So, congratulations to Heather & Ama. They deserve applause for exposing us to the underbelly of online dating and allowing us to laugh at the strange and creepy proposals they put up with. You rock, ladies. :o)
 (If you click on the award above, you can just grab the URL for posting it on your site. I made you a blog button (hope you don't mind), if you like it just email me and I can send you the code for it.)

 Here are their particulars and the requirements for receiving the Award! 
website: The Rotten Fish Of The Sea
recipients: Heather & Ama
Rules: There aren't many besides thanking the person who gave you the award and adding a link to them. The first requirement is that we want to hear about 7 interesting things about YOU. (I guess you two could split the list up, three for each of you and one that includes you both, hehehe). Second, you get to choose 7 people who you think deserve this award.

I suggest everyone go check them out and follow their hilarious swim through the online dating pool, it is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Link to Kim's (gave me my award) Beautiful Blogger Award Post.
Link to My Beautiful Blogger Award Post.
Link to my first recipient's post.

So, here's my new list of blogs I read, with all their amazingness!

Well, that's all folks! I'll talk to you all later, I promise I will have art to post sooooon.  Ya, ya... I can hear y'all now... promises, promises!!  :o)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Not Just Black & White

(Starting in the center, then upper left from left to right)
1. Infinite Love ! / Amor Infinito !, 2. Shades of grey, 3. Not All In Life Is Black And White ~ Often Just Shades Of Grey !, 4. IMG_1978dw, 5. ~some shades of grey~, 6. Reach, 7. sheep against concrete, 8. Inishbofin Solitude, 9. Mother Nature: curv(y)linear and seductive, 10. Wintry Shades of Bluish Gray, 11. Blackfield, 12. ;), 13. eighteen.

So, my mind has been on all the myriad shades of gray in the color wheel, since I finally put in my order for the Copic markers that are now zooming their way to me. :o)  You see, Copic markers come in 312 different colors, including 48 various shades of gray. WOW!! I've ordered (within the many other colors) a total of 16 shades of gray, 8 cool gray and 8 warm gray. They also have neutral and toner gray. Within the color spectrum, cool gray has cool blue tones in it, neutral gray has has neither cool or warm tones, toner gray has a little bit of warm brown tones and warm gray has the most warm brown tones to it. I can't wait to play around with shading. 

When I went to do my mosaic the week for Tuesday's Mosaic with Artmind, I was still thinking of those markers. So, I started looking for shades of gray throughout Flickr. The left side is cool grays, the middle is neutral grays and toner grays and the right side is warm grays. I threw in the beautiful red rose center to remind myself that everything comes to life, even the shades of gray, with a little dramatic hit of color.

I hope everyone has a terrific upcoming week. I'll be back soon with some painting or other. Hehehe. We'll talk soon.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Snips, Snails & Puppy Dogs Tails

As promised, here is the baby cake I've done for a baby boy's christening celebration. His mom and dad had me make a similar cake for their daughter about two years ago. I was thrilled when they contacted me to, once again, make the christening cake for their new baby boy. I love how it turned out! :o)

It's always such fun to do whimsical creations.

I finally ordered the Copic markers I've been wanting so much. They should be here in a week or two! I can't wait to play with them. If anyone out there knows of a spray fixative that one can spray onto paper (like watercolor paper) to seal it from being absorbent I'd love to hear from you. I could use a little advice on Copic markers in general. I've been told that cold pressed watercolor paper won't work with Copics so I'm hoping to find a sealant that I can use to lessen the paper's absorbency. But I'll take any advice anyone wants to send!!

I'll talk to you later, hoping to fit in some serious painting time, since the weekend is supposed to be nice. I hope everyone gets out and enjoys the Springtime!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Pretty In Pink

I have a New Painting!!! I love it when I do. Blogging is so much fun when you have stuff to show off. This watercolor painting is called "Flipside".  I drew it out first then defined the petals with waterproof black ink. Then I used frisket to protect the highlights before going in and adding watercolors. I love how it turned out! I think it will always thrill me when I finish a painting.

I've been having a little war with myself lately, though. I've only painted a couple of pieces in the last few weeks. With Easter, house guests, other obligations etc., I've found little time to actually sit down and paint. So, as the time stretched to the two week mark of my art drought I found I got a little anxious. My dark subconscious started whispering to me...
 "Would I still be able to paint something beautiful? Maybe because I've been ignoring my talent it's gonna be gone when I want to paint." 
It's like you had a best buddy who you loved to play with and you knew she'd always be there when you needed her. She kept calling, asking you to come and play in the park, you always begged off, you were busy! Then one day you had time to play but when you showed up at the park she was gone. She got tired of waiting for you. In the back of my mind I get a little nervous that my artistic ability is like my lonely little friend. Some day she's gonna walk away because I don't play with her enough.

I must admit, though, I'm an art snob. A weird one, I'll give you that, but still a snob. But only to my own artwork. I don't seem to put artistic value on all the other artistic things I do. In actuality, I do something artistic nearly every day. Sometimes it's a bookmark, sometimes it's an ATC or a zentangle. In the last few days it's been the baby cake topper I have to finish for Sunday. I guess the lesson here is... first, to give myself a break, stop requiring so much of myself and relax, enjoy the ride. And second, to allow myself the privilege of valuing all my art, just like I do others'. I can just hear my uncle Bob now... 
"Give yourself a damn break, Jenn!"
I'll prolly get an email tomorrow entitled "Advice from curmudgeonly Uncle Bob". He likes to be self deprecating. He makes me smile. Although it annoys the hell out of me that he's always right! ;o)  And I owe him a rooooaaaassssttttt Mmmooooooossseeeeee. Hehehe. Inside Joke. ;o)

I'm on a painting jag so I won't be gone long... We'll talk soon, promise.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I Am A Treehugger

So it's Tuesday again with Artmind. My contribution is a mosaic worshiping the tree. I love trees. It started early for me. When I was a little girl I thought I could hear the trees talk to me when I put my little arms around them and rested my cheek against their bark. I imagined that they would whisper their secrets to me as they rustled their leaves. It made me happy to walk among the huge trees in the Old Growth Forest of BC.

To me, there are few things as majestic and beautiful than a tree, arms outstretched. Of course, there is the well known verse by Joyce Kilmer that starts with "I think I shall never see...". But many a wordsmith has had something to say about trees, and I must agree with them. Here are a few.

The tree which moves some to tears of joy is in the eyes of others only a green thing that stands in the way. Some see Nature all ridicule and deformity, and some scarce see Nature at all. But to the eyes of the man of imagination, Nature is Imagination itself.
- William Blake

I frequently tramped eight or ten miles through the deepest snow to keep an appointment with a beech-tree, or a yellow birch, 
or an old acquaintance among the pines.
- Henry David Thoreau

On the subject of art, I've been waylaid lately from doing as much as I'd like. I have started making ATC's at night, since I finally received the blank ATC watercolor papers I ordered a month ago. Here are a couple...


I will also soon be acquiring my own set of Copic markers! :o)  I'm pretty excited. It took a long time to figure out exactly what I wanted and what I might have to sacrifice to make them work the way I want them to. For their purpose, I might have to switch papers. I'm not gonna say how I want to use them, that'll be a surprise, but I will say I think it's going to be amazing.  Copics are just so good I can't see using another marker. So, I might have to switch to a less absorbent paper when I work with them. Before going that route though, I'm going to try to find some sort of spray fixative that might seal the paper from being so absorbent. We'll see. I'll keep you informed of my progress. Think of it like a secret project. Hehehehe. I'm the mad scientist, errr... I mean, artist!

Oh, and I've been working on a baby cake that's due (the cake, that is...) in less than a week. So, I'll be posting the topper and also a picture of the completed cake by Sunday. Think of this announcement like a trailer for a movie. Hehehe. (Out in theaters on Sunday!!!)

Anyhoo, talk at ya'all later, K?

Friday, April 9, 2010

Lots Of Dots!

I'm in a swap at Swap-Bot where we have to make some sort of drawing or piece of art with the theme of "Lots of Dots". Now, normally when I get to use dots I would do some sort of zentangle or something whimsical instead of being more serious about it. This time I decided to switch it up a bit. I had this idea that I could create a piece of art using only little dots, no lines at all, just colored dots. It worked. :o)  The name of the painting is "Hummingbird's Kiss".

Here it is...

For another partner I decided I'd make a bracelet to go along with the art I was sending. It turned out well. I strung a huge amount of semiprecious stones onto memory wire then added a couple of little dangles to it. I have a confession to make, actually... I made a bunch of other art and jewelry and bookmarks but I forgot to photograph it for you before I sent them to my swap partners. Sorry. My Bad. :o(  But, here's the one bracelet, anyways. 


Ok, I'm out. I gotta hunt up some oil of Bergmont in a little sachet. Somebody boil me some water, stat! :o)  
We'll talk soon, PROMISE. 

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Colorful Tuesday

Today is Mosaic Tuesday with Artmind. I used flickr this week to let my unconscious talk to me. All this last week I've found myself inspired by color. I'm still hoping and waiting for Spring and the warmth of Summer on it's doorstep so I guess a colorful floral profusion is in the back of my imagination. So, that's what I asked for, pictures that were tagged by their authors as "color". After I had picked the 6 photos that attracted me the most, I was surprised to see the other theme in my mosaic.

Every picture I chose is made up of circles, so curving color is somehow fascinating me lately. I love curves, they're so beautiful with their smoothness. Circles evoke feelings of containment and continuousness to me. The protective feeling of warmth that encircles me when I'm cuddled under a warm blanket, trying to ward off the coolness of the evening comes to mind. Or the continuous change of the seasons every year or watching time march around the clock. The beauty of a curve, it pleases me.

I'll be painting all this week as I finish some swaps I'm in with Swap-bot partners and continue on the watercolor journey of learning. We'll talk soon, I'm sure. :o)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

And The Winner Is...

When I was given my first Blog Award by Kim at Kimminita, I was overjoyed. I then bumped my preverbal nose against one of the conditions of the award. I would be required to give the award away. Hmmm, I now had to find bloggers who I truly enjoyed and that I thought had a good "voice" on the web. I took this quest very seriously. I wanted to pick recipients who had a truly wonderful blog but also, in my head, I thought I also wanted them to "need" the award as much as I did when I was graced with it. When I got the award I only had maybe a dozen followers and I wasn't sure what everyone thought about my blog. I truly appreciated the encouragement that the Blogger Award represented.

Now, don't get me wrong. I can think of many terrific blogs. Just off the top of my head are four that I check daily and read hungrily when their authors post new content.
  1. Hyperbole and a Half
  2. Joy The Baker
  3. Pen & Paper 
  4. Kimminita
The problem is that each of them already have many awards. They all have ardent followers and a plethora of comments that praise their wonderfulness. I want to give this award to someone who has:
  • a terrific, easy to read blog.
  • a great internet "voice" that makes reading him/her fun and interesting.
  • a "way" that makes me smile when I read them.
  • may not have as many followers as they deserve.
  • doesn't seem to have any awards and therefore needs one to recognize their AWESOMENESS!
So, I have chosen my first recipient. :o)  I really love this woman's style. When I first read her blog a few months ago, (I was in an internet follower swap), her blog was one of the best I read. She was interesting, funny, irreverent and just plain cool. When I received my award and learned that I'd be giving it away to 7 bloggers, her blog is the first one I thought about. Life then intervened and later I couldn't remember which blog name was hers (My follow list is ridiculously long, btw). Every few days I'd think of "the blog that got away", knowing that I should have stuck her into my Save This folder where I keep the blogs I read. I was very lucky when she commented on a post and I found her again!

Squirrel Alert! (please go here, read "fun filled fact about Jenn #7 for explanation.)
Oh, totally off topic, but it must be said... Kristen, I covet your studio. There, I confessed. I feel much better now. Envy is a sin, ya know. Hehehe ;o)

And Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming...

Without further ado, please meet my first "Beautiful Blogger Award" winner! (drumroll for Kristen!)
(To grab your Award Kristen, just click on it then copy/paste the URL into your sidebar)

Recipient: Kristen
Beautiful Blog:

Rules: There aren't many besides thanking the person who gave you the award and adding a link to them. The first requirement is that we want to hear about 7 interesting things about YOU. Second, you get to choose 7 people who you think deserve this award.

Link to Kim's (gave me my award) Beautiful Blogger Award Post.
Link to My Beautiful Blogger Award Post.

I hope this award has you feeling just as I did when Kim gave it to me, Awesome. :o)  (I can't wait to read the 7 things about Kristen!)

And, everyone?? Go check out Kristen's fantastic blog, follow her or make a comment and tell her she's great because she's really talented and she totally rocks.

Talk later? Ok, good.


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