Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tangles & Moos.

I know it's been several days since I said hi. So...

I've been busy with (as the title suggests) Zentangling! I'm addicted. I have spent the last 4 days searching the web for examples of tangles and patterns. See, the husband & wife who created Zentangles came up with some basic official patterns. You get these patterns on a sampler sheet when you order their kit, which also includes everything you'd need to start zentangling (3.5x3.5" tiles, good pens, pencil, eraser etc.) I have all those supplies but I don't have the pattern chart and I wanted to learn the patterns. So, I got googling. It has taken me the better part of 4 days (with little sleep) to make my own comprehensive "sampler". I now know how to zentangle, totally. *Jenn rolls eyes and grabs another Tylenol to stop her left hand from aching from all the drawing.* Although I have confirmed that I am an obsessive person, especially when it comes to art, the tiles do look very cool. There are 24 of them. I told you I was obsessive. :o)

OMG! My Moo cards arrived! And they're gorgeous!!! Let me say that again... they're GORGEOUS! I love Moo. I mean, hey, ya gotta love them just for their name alone. For serious, every time I think of my business cards <---- this pops into my head. But I digress. :o)  As I was saying, the cards came and they rock. The quality is quite extraordinary. They are thicker than usual business cards and they have a clear velvety laminate covering on both sides. This gives them a wonderful "hand", as they say in the garment industry. The coating isn't overly reflective so they don't look all shiny which, I think, can make a card harder to read. They are printed on both sides so my artwork is on one side and my particulars are on the other. I even got to add my "signature" like I add to the end of my posts. AND the text color matches the "paint" dripping off of the paintbrush. That was a nice coincidence (that they offered that exact shade). Even more coincidental, the only card holder they had in stock to purchase at the time was also the exact shade of pink! Hehehe. God loves me, did you know??  Yup. :o)

My artwork looks great even in small scale. I was afraid detail would be lost but their printing process is top notch. Seriously, these cards are so much more than expected. In fact, they're even better than better. It's like you discover, when you check your Lottery ticket online, that you've won $100. You go to claim it and the cashier says it looks to her like you really won $1000, and you think YAY! Then she swipes your ticket only to find that you actually are a $10 000 winner!!! Holy Cow! (that was an appropriate expletive, hehehe.) I have 12 different prints on 100 cards. They come in their own sleeve holder and on the front it says... "Quick, schedule a meeting! Your business cards have arrived!" :o) This is what arrived yesterday.

You know, now that I think about it, I'm not sure I mentioned that my new "artist" stickers and address labels arrived from ArtofJoy. (Etsy Store here)  They look great and it's so nice to be able to add a label to out going mail and artwork. Here they are...

Lots of yummy stuff comes in the mail, doesn't it? :o)  I love shopping online, so now I'm spending my extra minutes researching waterproof marker pens. I've got my eye on either Prismacolor Artist markers or Copic Original markers. I'm trying to find out whether they will feather on cold pressed watercolor paper (Arches). I'm probably going to go with the more expensive Copic, since I can guarantee it will work for what I want it for. They're just soooo expensive. You don't even want to KNOW how much each is in Canada. Ok, I'll tell you, since you begged. $8 each! EACH!!! I'll be very picky about color selection, that's for sure.

Anyhoo, I gotta put this post to bed (been working on it off and on all day, ugh.) and I have to put ME to bed too. Long day tomorrow, housecleaning, artwork that's been waiting for a week to be completed then (yiippee!! ) coffee with my Uncle. Lurve him. :o)  That'll be my treat midday if I'm good little worker bee.

G'nite all. We'll talk real soon, K? Yep, soon.

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  1. Though not very creative myself (I once gave glass painting a try) I have been known to watch those craft supply shows on tv but zentangling is a new one on me - I'm away to learn more now, thanks for that link. By the way I agree Moo is extremely adorable.

  2. It is adictive isn't it! And so easy to do, no pressure that it has to actually BE something. Just doodling your way around with a (fine) marker. I love zentangles. create THAT many is crazy ;-)

  3. I like how you combine black and white with not too much color in your zentangles. They are lovely. Your labels are pretty as well.

    SaraswatiChB for swap-bot

  4. Wow, so much nice stuff :)! I love this :)! Really.

    Fabi (BubbLeGumGirLie for Comments on Craft/Design Blogs)

  5. Wow...i like all the cards!! Wish to get 1. :p
    agnes from swap-bot (Comment on Craft/design Blog swap)

  6. I love your zentangles. I especially like the little bits of color you have used in some to brighten them up. I think that the rule about using only black and white is boring and not very freeing (as zentangles are supposed to be).

    Yoshi (libertunity from Swapbot)

  7. I love to paint and would paint all the time if i from glendas sb

  8. i love moo too :)
    Ive never encountered Zentangling before! im going exploring!
    CDonovan - swapbot

  9. I'm in love with zentangling as well and am a newbie but addicted and loving it... yours are gorgeous... AND love your biz cards and stickers... too cute!
    collagecafe04 from swapbot

  10. zentangling. this is my first time. thanks for introducing it to me :)

    btw, yours, all 24 of them, are pretty cool.

  11. Zentangling seems so cool! Thanks for writing about it, I would like to try it myself. Seems relaxing....or maybe you just make it look easy :)

  12. I absolutely LOVE Moo cards I learned about them at Christmas and your absolutely right there quality is SUPERB! I really love you labels though they look so great!

  13. Hey there my friend....i was just googling zentangling 101 and guess who name and image were first in the image search? YOURS, I think that is kewl....

    happy creating,


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