Sunday, March 14, 2010

Quick Post: Nail Polish Giveaway

NailJunkie is having an awesome nail polish giveaway this month. She's giving away a bunch of wonderfully interesting things, look at all the loot in the picture! I thought I'd pass on the info, just in case you wanted to enter. :o)

I thought you'd want to know that Sawan is also having a nail polish giveaway at her blog. To celebrate both St. Patrick's Day and Easter she is giving away all five of Claire's mood polishes and for the first prize winner, also a seche vite top coat. These polishes are so cool, using your own body temperature they form a color gradient on your nails!

That's All Folks! Go win yourself some nail polish! You're welcome. Muuuaaah!
Don't miss me too much, we'll talk later, promise. :o)
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  1. Thanks for mentioning the giveaway! Good luck.


  2. Having a catch up after my 'exciting' weekend so please excuse me for putting all my comments in one box.
    Some great paintings. Niece #2 sends me lots of drawings/cards etc of flowers saying they are just as pretty, last longer and won't aggrivate my hay fever as will live flowers.
    Thanks for the links to all those sites, many of them are going to prove useful I'm sure.
    Some interesting looking nail varnish there, I love the neon colours. Nice to see some of them in tubes as well, a bit different from the usual bottles.

  3. jesus thats a bajillion nail varnishes!I should paint my nails more but they take so much looking after and they chip after like a day!
    I hope the giveaway was a success :)

  4. Wish I would've known about this a lot sooner. I really need some new nail polish!


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