Monday, March 29, 2010

Making An Impression

I've been working on this new painting for a few days. It's really my first attempt at an Impressionist painting. I love how it turned out. :o)  The painting is called "The Blue Tulips".

We have a house guest. I'm giddy with happiness about this fact. It's funny how one changes when one's favorite people are around. I have these urges to "dote" on the house guest as though he's a favorite pet. I have to curb my enthusiasm so I don't inadvertently make him totally uncomfortable and wig him out. Hehehe. Good thing, though is that he's staying around for Easter next weekend so we'll be able to do up a whole feast, including having the requisite chocolate bunnies hopping around. It's gonna be a good week. I hope you all enjoy your upcoming long weekend. Hugs from me and I'm sending you all virtual chocolate bunnies. We all know bunny chocolate is special. It's the bestest!

Tomorrow's Mosaic Tuesday so you won't miss me much. See you soon.

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  1. Hey girl! Pop on over to my bloggity blog, there's something waiting for you. =) (um, not in a creepy way or anything.)

  2. Beautiful, simply beautiful.
    I know just what you mean, I always have to put myself on a 'leash' when we have visitors as I'm all too aware that sometimes you can be so obliging that it makes people uncomfortable.

  3. Wow, I love this painting. It looks so cool.

    Fabi (BubbLeGumGirLie for Comments on Craft/Design Blogs)

  4. OMG...u really good in painting. ;-) Well done!
    agnes from swap-bot (Comment on Craft/design Blog swap)

  5. Beautiful. I wish I could paint like that.

    ~LadyAmbrosia Swapbot

  6. Great painting. I wonder what medium are u using. Didn't understand impressions either.

  7. You're making me wish I had another big, chocolate bunny. I helped my son with a few bites of his on Easter, but other than that I was w/o a yummy bunny of my own. :(

    APlusAmigurumi from swap-bot

  8. WOW that painting is a very good example of impressionist art at it's finest. It speaks to me. Very calming.


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