Sunday, March 7, 2010

I See You!

I'm finally back to work on new paintings. I've worked diligently to shorten my ToDo list (it never really gets finished, does it?) so I could get back to making art. Mom's out at a coworker's baby shower so I have the entire house to myself. (The parrot doesn't take up much room.) I have such a humungous wishlist in my mind of the paintings I want to paint. Although I finally finished the postcards (Whew!!), I still have one I want to make, just to have. I want to do my first abstract, then there's a long list of flowers and on top of that I want to make some bookmarks so I can try selling them on Etsy. And finally, since this latest painting turned out so well, I want to do one of a humming bird and also a sandpiper. Hey, maybe I'll do a groundhog for the new Spring season, too. Here's the newest, it's titled "Eye See You".

I decided I finally had enough artwork to order a set of business cards from I love this company. They print your artwork on one side of the card and print your details on the other side. You can use a new piece of art for every card at no extra charge. Amazing. I was going to do these years ago for the wedding cakes I made but the photos ended up not showing much detail because a business card is kinda small to put a whole cake pic on. The cool thing is that I've actually seen some artist's business cards using Moo. They look awesome. Here is one of the cards I'll be getting. (I used a cut down version of my Daisy painting, I think it looks better than the original large painting!)


Don't you love how the paint on the brush matches the font color?? Hehehe, me too! Well, I'm gonna go paint and enjoy the day. I hope you do the same... enjoy the day, I mean. (If you want to paint, you can do that too.) We'll talk soon, and I'll have more paintings or bookmarks... something for show and tell. :o)

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  1. Ooooooowl I love the Eyes! And the cards are pretty too. Good tip.

  2. Not a lover of birds, this picture was gorgeous, you have captured the eyes perfectly. Love the business cards as well, very chic.


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