Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Good Book & A Bowl Of Peas.

I can't believe it's March already. This year is going so quickly! Before I show some of the art I've been making I want to send out a congratulations to the wonderful daughter of a dear friend. My friend is now a new grandmother, her daughter just had a beautiful baby girl and I'm so extraordinarily happy for the whole family!! The new mom, with her devoted husband, are going to be stellar parents, hands on & plugged in. They're a hip, cool couple and now they have a healthy baby girl who they love beyond words. I'm so thrilled for them and my friend (I'm gonna start calling her gramma just to help her get used to it!! :o)

This last week I've been trying to complete all the postcards I have promised people I'd send to them! Then, silly me, I decided "Hey, I don't have enough work to do, let's join a bookmark swap!!" Hehehe. Someone shoot me, please. I can't just do one thing, I've got to do TOO MANY things. On top of all this artwork, we're having a house guest. (I'm thrilled to have this certain person, because I LUUURRVVVE him lots & miss him muchly)  But I sure as heck better clean the durn house or I'm a gonna be mighty embarrassed when he trips over the dust bunnies that are as big as beagles or gets bird seed stuck between his toes because Berkley loves to chuck seeds when she's mad at me. Oh, did I mention that I'm also trying to learn how to sell on ebay?? Or that I have a cake to do for early next month? Ya, this is me, waaaay too busy. Now that I kvetched and got all that off my chest, let me show you the awesomely cool bookmarks I've done.

The blue one with the yellow ribbon and hibiscus flower is for my swap partner. The other one is for MOM. :o) She lost the Egyptian dollar bill I got her one Christmas (she loves all things relating to Pyramids & Pharos) and she's been losing her place ever since. ;o)  They were actually really fun to do, I get to draw, mostly, then use watercolor to add definition. 'Less intensive than a painting and I can be whimsical. Yes, I can be whimsical with a painting, too, but I haven't gotten to that point of freedom yet. I know, I'm too structured and hard on myself. Sue me, I'm working on it!  

Remember that fourth little painting I mentioned last week that I didn't photograph? No? Well, here it is anyway. (plus two bonus paintings. I was going for "looser" with the last one.  See?? I am trying to free it up!)

"Bed Of Peas" "Lily Of The Valley" "Ruffled Daffodil"

Bed Of Peas Watercolor

Lily Of The Valley Watercolor

Ruffled Daffodil

The beginning of spring has started. The cherry blossoms are out and the weather is warming up. In my garden, the spikes of many hostas are poking their soon-to-be leaves through the soil. I think, in celebration of all things new and beautiful, I'll paint lemons. They remind me of freshness and bright, new beginnings. I encourage everyone to make some home made lemonade and contemplate their spring garden. What flowers do you want to enjoy in a few short months? What colors do you want greeting you in the bright mornings? Lemons, for new beginnings. They make me very, very happy. :o)

I'll talk to you all soon. Seriously, it'll be less than 24 hours. I have a mosaic to do for tomorrow, remember? Ya, just add it to the never-ending list.
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  1. Someones very busy. I'm glad to read that someone else has dust bunnies as well - I'd never heard them called that before but think its a great term and one I'm going to start using as from now. I love your bookmarks, very pretty.


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