Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Birds, Bees & Intricacies

1. Heavy Hitterz: Song Bird 4, 2. Psychedelic Flower and Paisley Notebook Doodle Vector Illustration by blue67, 3. Sunflowers Bees (in oil) by Ginette Callaway, 4. Zetti Bird ATC, 5. new-30-09-09_2, 6. Lot of Crazy Layers(Close up pg 1), 7. Psychedelic Doodle Rainbow Circles Abstract Vector Illustration by blue67, 8. Bumble the Bee Tip-In Page, 9. Two Bee or Not to Bee Maybe Three

My mind seems to be focusing on things that move... and cluttered artwork. I think it's because I have so many items on my "ToDo" list that I relate to humming bees and fluttering birds. Their speed impresses me. Inside my brain it feels like the intricate drawings look. If one tries to follow any path, one gets quickly lost. ;o) My mind is a jumble going hither and thither. All of this whimsy shows above in my Tuesday Mosaic with Artmind.

I have to make an Official Retraction about my previous blog post. Let me explain... I share an apartment with my mother. The rents in Victoria are incredibly high plus we are both picky about where we live, thankfully, we get along famously. Because I share a home with mom, what I say about "home" reflects on her. Therefore, I would like to officially retract my comment about there being dust bunnies as big as beagles under the sofa. There are no bunnies OR beagles or any other critters under our sofa. All the other furniture is critter and dust free too. Hehehe. Our house is clean and organized within an inch of it's life. You could eat off the floors. For serious. Any mess at all would be MY fault. (there are seeds occasionally scattered next to the parrot tower but I vacuum them up too darn much. Maybe I should just vacuum up the bird!) Ok, so now I'm out of the dog house.

Yes, sometimes I exaggerate so things sound funnier. *hangs head in shame* Truth be known, I also have decent grammatical skills and know not to start a sentence with "But" or spell using slang contractions like "gonna". But, see, I write the way I think. I want it to sound natural, as though you and I were just talkin' and sharing a cuppa. ;o)

Thaaaat's All Folks! We'll talk later, I'm sure I'll see you 'round these parts. If only for the free coffee. ;o)
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  1. Now I feel ashamed, how I wish I could also retract my statement. In my defence I would however add that though not entirely 'bunny' free, my house is extremly tidy - I'm bordering on obsessive with regards to 'a place for everything and everything in it's place'.


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