Friday, March 5, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award

Oh my Gosh. WOW. Thank you so much. This is soooo Cool. I'm speechless. Ok no I'm not really, I nearly never am. ;o)  But, this really is quite wonderful.  Here are the set of emotions I went through when I read the comment informing me of my award. (mouseover for my thoughts...)






I received this wonderful award from a truly lovely woman named Kim. You can find her blog here. I met Kim in Swap-Bot, we both participated in the same swap, (more about Swap-Bot later) and I cannot thank her enough for this award. I was feeling as though no one was reading me (because of a glitch in my comments had me not getting them). Then, when I noticed the comment glitch as I was adding a tag cloud to my sidebar... there, nestled among a plethora of other wonderful comments, was this award from KIM. My new friend. :o)

To complete the requirements of the award I must tell you all 7 things about myself (so you all can get to now me better). No problem, my friends say I'm an open book. :o)  Pull up a chair, we may be here a while. Hehehe.

7 Fun-filled Facts about Jenn

1. I didn't start liking coffee until I was, like, thirty. Now, finally, I can participate in the whole "coffee" movement. You know, the "coffee with friends" thing? It's just not the same with tea. Sad, but true. Tea is comfort, coffee is social. Tea is for melancholy days where it's raining outside and you have nowhere to go. Coffee would actually work then too, but you gotta use tea sometime... or it'll get lonely, sitting unused and dressed in it's pretty little tea sachets. We can't have that, now can we??

2. I like ice cream. No, that's not the revelation. The flavor that I like is the part I'm gonna reveal. *Jenn hangs her head in utter embarrassment*  It's an unusual flavor to like... at my age. Ok, it's downright weird. Most people grow out of liking it by the time they're 5. I can't help it, though, it's so yummy. And it's not just the flavor I love, it's also the color. But I like the flavor so much that I dream about it when summer comes. It's hard to find, though, so killing summer cravings is difficult. I suffer. This is me, standing up in an Alcohol Anonymous-like setting and confessing that...
AND I'm not ashamed to admit it. (yes I am! You're gonna judge me, I know! *hides behind a rock, wishing she had some bubblegum ice cream to make herself feel better*)

3. I have a slight nail polish obsession and I'm terribly vain about my nails. I decided a few years ago that I'd allow myself one physical characteristic that I could be all "ooh, I'm sooo purrrrty" about. I chose my nails. (this includes my toes too. Hey, they have nails, that's not breaking the rules!) I try to keep my nail polish stash down to a reasonable size by limiting the brands I purchase, if I didn't I'd have hundreds and hundreds of bottles. To use up my polish (and because I've gotten really good at it) I do my mom's and my friend's nails. We combine coffee and mani's. And a good time is had by all. (There are so many tricks the layman doesn't know about doing a great manicure!)

4. I like to go out by myself. I bring a good book, find some coffee, maybe a snack and I sit and read for hours. It feels great to create your own world, it's like being ensconced in a warm bubble of words with all the coffee and snacks you want. No one bothers you because they see you have a book. It's great. It's addicting and one starts to look for little nooks where one could potentially sit and read. I've found quiet spaces in sandwich shops, gardens, coffee houses and parks. You will usually find me with a good mystery book in my purse, even though my favorite author of all time is Heinlein.

5. I have a big love affair going with rain. It started early on. When I was a very little girl I used to go outside in the backyard, totally naked, and lay down on the concrete, letting the rain fall on me. My mom couldn't get me to come in until the rain stopped. When I got a little older (~6 yrs old) I added a bathing suit and would go jump in the puddles. The neighbors would call and exclaim that I was going to be hit by lightening, being out there (we lived on the Prairies). My mom would laugh, knowing there was nothing she could do to extinguish my bliss. What she did do was entice me in with the promise of hot chocolate, marshmallows and warm pajamas.

6. I love getting mail. I mean real, hard copy mail. I used to have a whole collection of beautiful papers, postcards, stationary, embellishments & colored ink with which to write. Email is fine but I love the look and feel of writing on paper. I guess it stems from my love of paper in general. I love pens too. If I had money I'd collect beautiful writing papers and pens. Unfortunately, I don't write many letters. Strangely, (since I always have something to say at all the other times) I find myself tongue tied in letters lately. Email too. I just don't know what to say. I think I'm probably afraid my life will sound insignificant to friends who are out there fighting evil or some such, and tackling life.

7. I am easily distractible by interesting things and shiny objects. My friends and family have given this phenomenon with me a name. When I stray from my topic or completely ignore what was previously said for a new and usually irrelevant topic, someone in the room yells "SQUIRREL!!!" and everybody laughs, including me. We got the term from the talking dog in the movie "UP".  It's a cute but frustrating personality quirk. My peeps love me anyway and it's a running joke that has become part of our "group speak". For instance... it is not strange to say "I've been squirreling today." I have also heard this same distractibility labeled with "Oh look, a chicken". Same-same. :o)

There are hundreds of different kinds of swaps to join at the Swap-Bot website. For instance, at the moment I am doing a handmade bookmark swap. Next month, when I have more time, I'm going to join one of the many stuffed envelope swaps. The great thing is that you can find a swap that fits your unique interests. Click on the icon to the left & go take a look. I've already met some fantastic people. I'm Jaemac there, btw. :o)
This has been a long post full of fun and interesting things and having little to do with art. Sometimes it's fun to switch it up a bit. Tomorrow we'll be back to our regularly scheduled programming. For tonight it's time to go to bed. I just found out that our house guest will be here over Easter so I want to plan a fun-filled holiday. Also, to complete the Award "contract" I have to decide who I will be passing the award to. That may take some thinking. Onward and upward, peoples. We'll talk later, K?
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  1. Fun to read! An award is always a surprise but you were double surprised with the comment thing. Glad to have met you and I will keep reading you. no worries there ;-)

  2. Well done you! And lucky you to get out on your own! I tried going for a nice chilled coffe with my kids when i had a day off the other day....Nightmare!!! Now for a bit of piece i have to lock myself in the bathroom!! LOL

  3. I try hard each week to 'visit' the blog just ahead of mine on here I am, visiting you and you're a 'neighbor' to the north! :-D
    I love getting real snail-mail, too, and had old fashioned pen pals most of my life until email pretty much made that obsolete. Thru Facebook I got in contact with a favorite pen pal I'd lost contact with years ago...we'd been penpals from the time we were in our early teens until our mid-20s, then got too busy raising kids and drifted away. She's still a snail mail writer so I'm getting mail in my mailbox again, wooo hooo! And we've picked up right where we left off, even tho we're both in our mid-50s now. Life is definitely full of wonderful surprises! Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Well done on your award. A great post - I love your 'stone face' graphics and have enjoyed finding out more about you. At 42 I still don't like coffee but as I love the smell every now and then I'll have a taste just in case my tastebuds have decided that actually they quite like the taste.

  5. You are right about coffee and the socializing thing. I love coffee but the caffeine gets my heart beating irregularly, and I just can't risk it, so I have to stick with tea. I always feel like such a dork when everyone else is having coffee. Congrats on the award.

  6. visiting from BPOTW ... love your blog header !! loved reading about you .. specially nice to know about your love for rains .. n oh .. CONGRATS for the award :) seems like you really deserved it :) have a good week ahead !

  7. Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments and compliments. They mean so much to me. I truly appreciate having readers, it's great!! :o)

  8. congratulations with your award, you deserve it. You have a great blog and you make some cool stuff!

    fii -swapbot


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