Sunday, February 7, 2010

Postcards & Starfish

I have signed up to join in on a cool idea! iHanna came up with a fantastic project for artists from all walks of life to participate in. She has set up a "Postcard Swap"! I joined in just under the wire, lol. The sign-up closes by Feb 7, 2010, whew!. Hey, stop wagging your finger at me, I only found her blog minutes before joining the swap, so I didn't procrastinate! I actually jumped on a new opportunity and assumed that the Universe was sending me a personal email saying "Be more creative, Jenn". This is gonna be such fun!

Here's how it works... 
  1. I paint ten postcards. (or I could do anything creative to make them)
  2. iHanna sends me ten Names & Addresses of other participants.
  3. I address one hand-painted postcard to each of the ten participants.
  4. I then get TEN wonderfully unique postcards from ten different people mailed to ME!!
  5. I jump up and down happily ten different times throughout February!
Now, doesn't this sound kinda super-cala-fragalistic-expy-ala-doscious??!? Yep, I thought so too. :o) All I have to do is come up with 10 little, 5x7 paintings by Valentine's Day (the mailing day deadline). Hey... this project reminded me of something... hmmm. I wonder what it was... LEAVES, that's it!! LOL. I'm definately gonna do more than just paint leaves. Besides there's a huge difference between painting 10 things and painting 12 things... ok, there's a little difference, but there is a difference!! This is not homework, this is FUN! And also!!!... I get stuff back, REMEMBER that part?? This is gonna be so COOL!

Now for something to make you think...
I was watching CNN the other day. One of their reporters was interviewing a priest and the interviewer was praising the priest and the church for helping save people, that it was a great thing to do. The priest said something wonderfully profound that I think applies Universally. He said:
"We are really good at pulling people out of the river to save them (being charitable). We need to walk upstream, though, and see who's throwing them in."
I thought it was such a fundamental idea. That as well as helping our fellow man, we should also make sure we keep our eyes open and fight against the evil that causes problems in the first place

I guess this posting is kind of a "make your heart happy" kind of post instead of my regular offering. To keep a theme going I'll tell a story that I have remembered for a good twenty years. It's actually one of the mantras I live by.
A man was walking along the beach and every few feet or so he'd bend down, pick up a starfish and hurl it into the surf. He walked and walked, repeating this movement over and over. His friend who was watching him frustratedly, finally said,
"Why are you wasting your time and energy picking up starfish and throwing them into the ocean? Look down the beach!! There are hundreds of starfish along this beachfront that are dying on the sand that you'll never get to. And think of all the beaches in all the world! What you're doing is such a drop in the bucket compared to all that. Why are you saving these measly few starfish when you know you can't even make a dent in the problem?!??" 
The man bent over once again and picked up a starfish, hurling into the ocean as he gazed, smiling at his friend. The man said,
"Well, it matters to the starfish, doesn't it?" 
I try to remember this story when I ask myself, "what can I do, I'm just one person." Helplessness is such a common feeling, especially in such an overwhelming world. We all feel small sometimes, the trick is to remember that our actions make a difference. We may not even know how, but they do.

That's it for now. We'll talk later... when we do, remind me to tell you the story  about a sandpiper, it'll give you a good cry.  
G'night everyone. :o)
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