Friday, February 19, 2010

Pic Spam.

I've completed a few new 5x7 paintings and repurposed a few older pieces. I also added pen & ink to everybody and re-photographed them all using an actual camera, not my macbook's webcam. :o) I think it made a huge difference with all the changes, so I decided to have a "slumber party" with all my smaller art being invited, once again, to show up. So, here we go...
(All pictures are clickable to Enlarge)

New Paintings:

"Garden Sweetpeas" "Cherry Blossoms" "Peas Please"

Garden Sweetpeas Watercolor

Cherry Blossoms Watercolor

Peas Please Watercolor

New Postcards:

"Garden Riot" "My Valentine" "Together"

Garden Riot Watercolor

Together Watercolor

My Valentine Watercolor

New Backgrounds & Tweaks:

"Home" "Java" "Wine Country"

Maple Leaf  Watercolor

Java Leaf Watercolor

Wine Country Watercolor

"Love" "Wild Geranium" "Autumn"

Rose Leaf  Watercolor

Wild Geranium Watercolor

Autumn Watercolor

"Chocolate" "Birdsfoot Ivy" "Ginkgo"

Chocolate  Watercolor

Birdsfoot Ivy Watercolor

Ginkgo Leaf Watercolor

...And for those of you who have requested a postcard, I photographed the back of one of them too, just for fun. :o)

That's it for tonight because I have to get to bed. I have ten more paintings already drawn out and I'm gonna paint all weekend. Yippee! There's an owl,  daffodils, a close up of a rose, more sweetpeas and there's...  Oh, and a crocus! My uncle photographs the new crocuses for me every year, he knows it makes me happy to see the first blossoms that herald Spring. I have an entire folder full of beautiful little crocuses that bloom in Beacon Hill Park. That one's for Bob, 'cause he's sooo special. Thanks Bob. :o)
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  1. Oooh Pretty! I think my fave is "Together". Way to go!! =D

  2. Can't wait to receive the card!

    And for that, i am giving you the Beautiful Blogger Award!

  3. Wow! You have some lovely things here. I think you might have just found 'the right medium'!

  4. very lovely indeed, you can send me one anytime,lol,,love from glendas sb

  5. really love your studies of peas, it's so interesting to explore the same subject

    samuraijen - swap bot


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