Monday, February 1, 2010

Oh Baby, Pass The Chocolate!!

It's ten minutes to ten and I'm finally done my homework. *collapses onto floor dramatically* For the first time in years I am tired of the color green. I think I've mixed 50 different greens in the last two weeks. On top of that, my nails have been lime green sparkly glitter for most of that time. I'm waaay over it... for now. ;o)

Cocoa Leaf Watercolor
Name: "Chocolate"

My final watercolor lesson with Shirley Schmidt is tomorrow, I'm really looking forward to her critique of my work so far. I also want to watch her paint something. I need to see how she moves the paint around and controls the "dry" lines. Still, I struggle to control the gradient. It frustrates me because I spend so much time then covering up "mistakes" from allowing a waterline dry and being too focused, not smoothed out. Grrrrr!!

I do have a tip to share with her, though. If you've been following along like a good reader you know frisket has not been my good buddy so far. It has ruined a shirt, a painting and a perfectly good (Read: not cheap) paint brush. I have gained the upper hand, though. Haaahaaa!!! I decanted some of my frisket into an empty nail polish bottle. (ya, I have those. You KNOW my addiction, lol.) I cleaned it out with acetone then filled it with that evil liquid frisket. Tadaaa! The fairly thick plastic bristles of the polish brush work quite well with the frisket.
Frisket - 2
Artist - 1 (better than 0)
So, speaking of nail polish (we weren't speaking of nail polish??), I had to show you my funky NOTD. (For those who are NOT addicted to acetone fumes, NOTD is "Nails of the Day".)  I'm getting to love the stranger colors and mom pointed out that she hasn't seen me in a "normal" color since I started painting. (she loves it, by the way. Way to enable, mom!! Hehehe.) I think I'm allowing the colorful part of my personality take over. Soon I'll be wearing tie dyed poncho pants and Birkenstocks with stripy, rainbow socks. Well, at least you'll recognize me! Can we talk later? I need to go sleep. G'nite everybody.

P.S. The NOTD is a base of China Glaze Custom Kicks w/ an overlay of China Glaze Atlantis as accent. Yep, GORG!
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