Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Little Bit Of Everything... And A Hummingbird.

Once again we come around to Tuesday. It's a little late on Tuesday, just under the wire. :o) Tuesdays mean it's mosaic day again with Artmind. Should I explain the Mosaic Project again? It's all about looking at what has influenced you in the past week to see where you might be going this week. It's actually quite telling to analyze how you're taking in information and processing it into artful thinking. I'm addicted to it, and it's only been a month of mosaics so far!

I have noticed throughout this last week that I'm inexplicably attracted to the oddest assortment of things. I have collected a plethora of pictures and very little artwork. I seem to be collecting images I want to try and capture in watercolor. I guess that's a good transition, from looking solely at others' works for inspiration to finding my own path. So, now it's the end of seven days of gathering. I look at the collection and I see an unexpected pattern. Small things, round things, delicate & new things. I think I'm dreaming of spring and I didn't even know it; my pictures are all about newness, growth, the birth of a New Season.

Here's what's in my Mosaic this week:
(starting upper left going clockwise to end in the middle)

  1. Cherry blossom trees in the park
  2. new spring peas
  3. bench covered in Cherry Blossoms
  4. Double fuschia in pink
  5. Hummingbird
  6. Lonely little peas
  7. "Humming Bird"; Artist: DJ Rogers (visit his Etsy shop)
  8. "AppleTree"; Artist: Angela Vandenbogaard (visit her Etsy shop)
  9. Sweetpea Flowers
  10. Close up of cherry blossom flowers
  11. Pink cherry blossom trees
  12. Pink spring gerbera daisy
  13. "Dreams After Dawn 1"; Artist: Cape Edwin (see more of his art here)
Victoria, in the springtime, is a blessing of cherry blossoms, everywhere. If you're lucky you'll be standing under a large blossoming tree when the wind blows. The rain of pink petals is breathtaking. The streets become carpeted with blossoms, they form pink "snowdrifts" along the curbs & gutters.

I think the round theme must be rain. Rain to help everything grow and the rain of those petals I love Rain, as I'm sure you remember, is one of my very favorite things. When I think of spring showers I think of my favorite color, green. Spring green, the color of new, sweet peas...
sweetpeas. LOL, colorful, delicate flowers that come in all the bright and soft, clean colors of spring. When I see those delicate flowers I remember their unique, amazing scent. They certainly earn their name. I wonder if they taste as sweet as they smell. Only a hummingbird would know!! Spring, flowers, hummingbirds and peas. It all makes a strange bit of sense. ;o)

I'm sure you also noticed the subtle pink theme. Yes, that was sarcasm, there. ;o) I have no idea where the pink obsession comes from this week... it's usually all about the green. If you've got insight, yell it out to me, I'm certain I'll here you. Or, you could be plebian and leave me a comment. Don't worry, I'll still think you're cool. (actually, I'll jump up and down with glee because someone actually said "hi")

I know, I need therapy... some sort of help. I shouldn't need recognition. I do want friends, though. I like friends. I collect them. Wanna be my friend? K! Let's hug it out. :o)

We'll talk later, friend. Don't forget your hug. They're always free.
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  1. I love the new beginning theme! Can't wait for all to grow and bloom again. The big joy of seeing little new beginnings - bliss!

  2. What a lovely mosaic and we are definitely nearing that time of year of new beginnings with the approach of spring! It won't be long and you will see the cherry blossoms in your town to right? I'm on the northern end of the island and it seems like I'm always jealous around march when you start to see blooms *grin*.

  3. Hi Rosina,
    You should drive down in early March just to enjoy the blossoms. Pick a windy day, the pink "rain" is spectacular! I can't wait for Spring. :o)


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