Monday, February 1, 2010

Jump In My Pile Of Leaves!

I finished 4 more leaves. Can I say? I'm getting sick of leaves. One more to go, tomorrow. I'm getting better, I mean I have no trouble with detail work, it's the larger, overall color washes that seem to still elude me. I used frisket for the first time today without pouring it all over myself. After the disaster the first time I opened a frisket bottle, I was glad to find the only loss of life was the lovely, perfectly pointed detail brush I used to apply it. I'll have to ask Shirley what kind of brush one can use, hmmm.  Here are the leaves.

Moving clockwise:

1. "Fire Geranium Leaf"
2. "Wild Geranium Leaf"
3. "Coffee Plant Leaf"
4. "Leaf in Gradient"

Painting today was fraught with danger. ;o) You see, I have a little pet parrot named Berkley (named after the University). She's an African Grey parrot. They're known to be incredibly intelligent... and vain. Usually she is capable of some self restraint and she'll sit and watch what I'm up to, happily nibbling on her little pink pig. (Can you see the "well loved" marks on the little feet, tail and ears?)

Today watching was NOT gonna be good enough for little miss snippy pants. She jumped/flew, cow-a-bunga!, onto the kitchen table (where I was peacefully painting). Before I could even react she had pushed over my water bottle (she attacks water bottles randomly as though she were a teenager going on a cow tipping mission) which tumbled onto my set of 48 watercolor pencils and my stack of 5x7 little leaf paintings. All of this fell onto the floor, scattering like... well, leaves actually. I frantically grabbed my palette of paints (I didn't need rainbow birdie feet making custom patterns on the kitchen table) as she scurried over my macbook to try to get to the other water bottle (a watercolorist needs lots of water, lol). I grabbed that too so she veered to the left and attacked the kleenex box, shredding a tissue because it annoyed her. At this point I took a deep breath so I was a little less tempted to reach out and squish my little parrot like a bug. ;o) I sternly told her to "GET OFF THE TABLE!" and she sauntered back over to her parrot tower with a swagger that said... "I guess that's enough adventure for today." Sheesh! She flung herself back to her perch and promptly twittered, "Pretty, Pretty Bird". I told you she was vain.

I need a cuppa coffee. It's one in the morning and I'm hungry. Chocolate, where is the chocolate. I have to go scrounge. We'll talk later, K? ;o)
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  1. Your leaves look great! You are dicovering a new talent i think!

    PS.. Etsy and blogging make you crave chocolate at one in the morning cos by that time your bleedin wrecked and need sugar! I should know. They are both evil!!! ;)

  2. Have enjoyed reading your amusing blog posts and have subscribed to an RSS feed. I am also learning new media, I am a member of an art group and have set up a selling website with attached blog if you or anyone else is interested.


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