Monday, February 22, 2010

Hit One Out'a Da Park!

Hi all. I've been a busy little bee the last few days. No, I haven't cleaned the house, bird cage, parrot tower, my bathroom, the kitchen, I haven't even made dinner... much. I have been painting, though. :o)  And, as the title suggests, one of them is AWESOME. Am I allowed to say that about my own artwork?  Probably not. Well, I don't care.
Without further ado, I present, in all it's awesomeness...  "Red Rose #1"

Ya, I like it too. :o) I have also done four other paintings in the last 48 hours. As I mentioned, I haven't done much else. And my arm hurts now. It's just so much fun and so enthralling to watch something start to come alive because you add color to paper. I'm certainly addicted. I think I've slept maybe 8 hours in 48. Prolly not so good for the health, to say nothing for my left arm.

I only have three of the other four photographed, so you'll have to wait for the latest one (finished it at 1am this morning, ya, I'm crazy to also be blogging this at 2:14am... see above eye-roll again.) 

"Fuchsia" "Night Sweetpeas" "Night Crocuses"

Fuchsia Watercolor

Night Sweetpeas Watercolor

Night Crocuses Watercolor

While mom was photographing these for me and also the tulips we have in the house (so I can paint them), we noticed that Berkley (my African Grey Parrot) was looking for attention. Mom turned the camera to her and she started POSING. Oh my gosh it was hilarious! She knows what a camera is for! I know Grey's are known as the smartest parrots in the world, but wow. She figured out that "when Granny looks at you and holds the square think you gotta stand all cute and hold still 'til it clicks." She kept posing and holding, then posing again. Here's a great shot, she kept twisting her head around and looking right at the lens. She's a nut but so darn cute, it's impossible not to lurrrve her.

One final thing. I'm going to try my hand at my first abstract. While perusing the web I came across a blog where the author challenges her readers to "interpret" a photograph she uploads to her blog. She does one every month, then those who participate can post to her site, their version of the photo. Although it's late in February already, I'm going to try and still do this month's challenge. Here's the photo we are to interpret. I don't like the outbuildings at all and think they don't add anything to the picture, so they're out. I like the foreground, and the footsteps. Therefore...
I'm going to do a study of the dead reeds and sky. I don't know if I'll add the footprints or not, I'm not confident about being able to make them look like footstep. We'll see. I want to capture the feeling of the reeds and also, somehow come up with a viable sky, without doing "blue". Not sure what will happen, but it's worth a try.  Anyhoo, once again it's beddie-bye time for me.

We'll talk soon, K?
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  1. Well done girl! In regards to whether you are allowed to call your own art awesome; I think if you're not going to root for it, who will? Be proud!! =D

  2. Oh my Jennifer..... you are amazing!!! Wow why did you wait so long to start? The world needs more artists like you - Canada should be proud... you should be proud.... I'm proud to know you.... Your art is breathtaking, captivating and dramatic... I'm coming back to follow your progress.... hope you have time to keep up the site so we can see you blossom & bloom just like your pretty flowers....

  3. Wow that is amazing. Words can't describle how beautiful it is. What wonderful work.

    j3ss1ca (SB)

  4. I love your studies of flowers too, I think you are definitely entitled to call your own work awesome!

    samuraijen - swap bot


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