Thursday, February 11, 2010

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not...

Just as I promised, I finished a new watercolor painting. I'm fairly pleased with it. Strange, I had been worried about "capturing" the petals, as they are mostly white with so little shading. I thought I'd have trouble making the depth show in the different layers of petals. It ended up being the center of the daisy I'm not as happy with. I like the one in the distance but the large center is too naive. I really love the way the grass came out though.

Aptly, the title I'm giving the piece is "Daisy Petals". I actually have another daisy painting planned; I'm going to paint the thinner petaled daisies and have one petal fly off and name it "He Loves Me....". Yes, I know what you're asking,

Question: "Then, why name this blog post as you did?" 
Answer: "Because I wanted to." ;o)

I'll do that painting in a few weeks, I have a U-haul full of postcards to paint first. About that... I don't get to participate in the Postcard Swap with iHanna. :o( She sent me a very nice email saying that she was really sorry but the sign-up date had been moved up a day or so (unbeknownst to me). I'm a little sad but I decided what I was really excited about was making my own postcards and sending them to someone! (Ok, I was really looking forward to getting 10 little original, handmade postcards from a bunch of "new" friends but I can follow through with my part and still make 10 people I know now feel special.)

Oooh!! I just had a terrific idea. If any of you want a hand painted postcard made by Yours Truly just email me with your particulars (mailing address & name, silly!) and I'll mail you a personal postcard just for YOU. Yep, it'll be all about YOU, YOU, YOU! All you have to do is click the Postcard below and fill out the Postcard Giveaway Form to send your request. How's that for a deal? Everybody likes free stuff, right?!?

The Postcard Giveaway is now closed!Postcard Form

See, now I feel just terrific! I'll do my own Postcard Swap, just without all the swapping. ;o) It'll be a Postcard ROAK(define: Random Act Of Kindness)... The first Postcard ROAK! Cool. They'll be like a late Valentine's Day gift. Awww, will Y'all be My Group Valentine? Hehehe. This is gonna be fun! Unless no one signs up, then it'll just be sad and lame. :o(

Well, I better go to bed, I have a bunch of little postcards to think up and paint tomorrow... and the next day... and the next day... lol.

G'night all. I'm sure we'll talk later. Right after I get some well earned sleep.

Hey, I turned off the lights... it's time to GO To BED! Go on, GIT!! Sheesh.
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  1. Hi, I am really taken with your fabulous cake creations and your watercolor painting. I used to do cakes (much simpler and mostly just roses), and I've long wanted to take watercolor lessons. It's interesting to me that as an artist it's still a big deal for you to master it. I can't explain the logic, but reading your blog makes me think I should make the effort to learn a bit and then just have fun with it.

  2. Hi Blissed,
    Yes, do that! It has made me happier than I ever expected. I love learning new things. Thank you so much for the wonderful comment! I hope you keep liking what you see.

  3. Love your daisy...I think you did a beautiful job! :)


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